P Louise March Budget Box Unboxing

I recently had a birthday and my lovely mom treated me to a one off budget box from P Louise. I have only ever tried their Bad B*tch lip juice box before. Their packaging and presentation is always on point and I am just addicted to watching them over on TikTok so was super happy to get this surprise box. The March budget box was actually a lovely Easter “how do you like yours? Egg” which is still on the website for £45! Considering the budget box is only £30 that’s a bargain already before we even look inside. 

You can choose to have a one off box, subscribe monthly or pay for a whole year. Each month you get send a box of P Louise products which will come to more than £30. We went in for a total surprise but you can pay slightly more to make sure you get a colour way that you like more although I was super happy with mine. This egg comes in three versions with the same products just slightly different. “Soft centred & sweet” lighter tones, “hard to crack chick” being more medium and then the one that I received  “melt in your mouth material” darker tones. 

The egg came well protected and packaged well so you won’t end up with anything dented they really took time and care sending these out. The packing peanuts were even heart shaped too! The first product I pulled out was the “ready set shine, you’re on to a winner” setting spray. I love a setting spray and for the slay version on the website it’s £18 this an exclusive for this box. 

Next up was “smooth it over & airbrush it out” primer in peach. Again a primer from P Louise is usually £18 so already the box has paid for itself in just two products. Both great products that I will use too as the worry when you get a make up box is that you will get products you won’t like or use. So I was already super impressed and the egg is still stuffed with products. 

Next out the egg was a staple product that I already know I love and that’s a “stay shining” lip oil and this one is in glimmer gift and smells divine like chocolate which is the running theme for all these products. The lip oils retail at £13. These are really popular and hydrating and yet another product I will use so by now I’m getting super excited to see what else is inside. 

I actually squealed when u pulled out the “drive me balmy” set as I had been wanted to try this lip set. This is a newer lip balm duo that costs £22. You get a thick minty type balm and a cute on the go balm pen. Which is a super cute heart shaped balm you would love to whip out your bag to hydrate and moisturise on the go. 

Next up and not even the last product is the “glossy and glazed” all over body shimmer in rich and radiant. I don’t really use body shimmers but I am still looking forward to trying this out. This would usually cost £15 for a body shimmer. Last product in the beauty box was a face palette! 

This is super pretty and I will be doing a full review of this so keep an eye out. You get a bronzer, highlighter, blush and a big mirror. Again something similar to this retails on the website for £16. So the total value of the box is over £90 individually! That’s amazing value for just £30 and just imagine getting exclusives like this every month! These are a great gift too. I was really pleased with this box and would get one myself again. 

Have you tried any Plouise products? 


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