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How to Split Dye Your Hair Vibrant Colours

Hey Cats.

If you follow my Instagram then chances are you already see my ever changing hair. I adored the orange locks but it was time for a change and I just knew I had to go for split hair. Split hair is basically when you have one half of your hair one colour and the other side another. Simple right? For me it means I can rock two colours without having to choose between them because well frankly I am indecisive.

Choosing Your Colours!

There are so many colours to choose from and now there are so many different brands for vibrant colours out there. I remember when I was a teenager we could only really get one type and you had to go to specialist alternative shops or your local tattooists.  More and more stores stock a great selection now and some brands you can pick them up from your local boots or Superdrug.

You don't have to go for vibrant colours to have split hair lots of people go for one dark side and one light and it looks really cool. I decided I wasn't ready to let go of my orange and wanted to rock it with some pink. I went for Manic panic as I find their colours to be really bright and long lasting. I am happy to review lots of different brands if you want to find out more just give me a shout in the comments or over on social media.I loved the psychedelic sunset already and loved how deep the Cleo rose manic panic dye looked.


If you don't want to have your bathroom look like a rainbow then preparation is key. You will need a few things to help you before you jump straight in.

  • An old towel you don't mind getting stained
  • Vaseline 
  • a few pairs of gloves 
  • some hair ties
  • hair brush 
  • small dye brush
  • a mirror

Setting Your Base!

If like me you have dark hair and want to go vibrant then you will need a lighter base to start with. You can either go to a professional and get it lightened or use a home bleaching kit. Be careful with bleach kits as they can damage your hair. I personally don't mind some roots so always make sure I use intense conditioning treatments in between bleaching but I had my hair done professionally the first time at a vintage salon. This is the colour I achieved after bleaching my roots.

Choose Your Parting 

Most split hair is right down the middle as it seems to have a bolder impact. However if you usually wear your hair in a side parting then you can split your hair there. I have also seen split hair done with a zig zag which creates a more varied look. I made sure that my hair was brushed out and knot free and then using the end of the dye brush you can create your parting. Alternatively you can use a comb. It doesn't need to be perfect but if you have a friend handy then they can make sure it is super straight for you or break out the handy mirror.

Dye Tips

Colours take better on hair that hasn't been over conditioned as otherwise the conditioner doesn't allow the colour to take as well. So don't worry about over prepping your hair just make sure you have got any tangles out and you have your hair parted how you want the colours divided. I used hair ties to keep my hair out of the way but clips and grips work great too.

I always put a layer of Vaseline around my hairline and ears and this helps to get the dye off easily. I find that manic panic doesn't leave stained skin as much as other dyes do. Failing this the body shop chamomile cleansing balm is fantastic for removing hair dye.

I use the tint brush to do my desired side getting into all he nooks and then if I am honest I have gloves on already so i just grab some dye in my hands and work It through my hair. I find this works best for me and leaves it less patchy. once your hair is covered clip up. I changed gloves for the other colour just to ensure the colours didn't mix but you can easily wash them. Repeat on the other side with a different colour clip up and wait.

I usually tidy up the bathroom at this point and have a brew then 30 mins after just wash. Don't worry about the colours bleeding into each other they have taken now so you can just rinse out as normal. The water won't run clear though and the cooler the water the better.

I always the apply a good conditioner or hair mask. I just picked up a John Frieda one in poundland it was minty and lovely. My hair was left super soft I add some detanging and root booster. I also love this leave in conditioner which stops my hair getting dry and wirey.

After care 

I am really pleased with the results and am looking forward to playing around with different colours. To help maintain a vibrant colour ensure you use a shampoo and conditioner that helps lock in colour. When you do wash your hair try and use cooler water as the hotter the water the more they dye will come out. Don't panic you don't have to take ice showers just rinse in warm water. Keep your hair well conditioned.

What do you think? Have you split dyed your hair?


  1. Hey. I want to do a purple plink split and wear my parting on the side, I’ve seen some people still split in the middle but not sure if I want to do that or split at the parting??? Any thoughts?

    1. Hi sorry I didn’t see this sooner did you go with the side I think it can look pretty cute I often wore this to the side slightly you can still do so with this parting you just part it different and the other colour is underneath

  2. Hi! I'm doing this colours tomorrow. Do you recommend starting with the fuchsia or orange? Thanks in advance!

    1. I went with the pink first as if you do go slightly over the orange is more likely to cover the pink slightly. I did put the other side up to keep it out the way, if you can get someone to guide you or do the back for you or I have just used mirrors once you use a brush to do by the parting it’s pretty easy after that! Hope it goes well ❤️


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