The Fashions That Will Never Steer You Wrong

Hey Cats,
Fashion is a fickle thing. One season a piece of clothing could be all the rage; the next it could be deemed as being as out of date as a piece of clothing worn by the dinosaurs. It truly is difficult to keep up with the ever-changing world of fashion, and only those who are seriously com…

Beautiful Wedding Invitations Made Easy With Paperless Post

Hey Cats,

As you know me and the Mr are in full wedding planning swing which means picking dates and thinking of the important things like who we want there with us and after those big decisions comes one thing...invitations of course. Now this can be a stressful and expensive experience. You want …

Dating Around The UK

Hey Cats,

Have you visited any of the places from my previous posts yet? Well let me add a few more to the list! Lets jump straight in ...


Now this one is close to my heart as you know last year I moved to beautiful Derbyshire even though I didn't meet my Mr on Derbyshire dating site

5 Ways To Improve Your Home Film Watching Experience

Hey Cats,

We all know I love my films! Especially horror films and these days we can't always get to the cinema to check out the latest movie. If you're like me then you have to watch at least a film a day and that just isn't possible at the cinema just imagine my bank balance. Although…

#21SelfloveChallenge Let's Do This!

Hey Cats,

You know when something comes into your life and it's like wow this couldn't have come at a better time? That's exactly what happened to me the other day. Lately I have been feeling a bit lost a little misplaced and unsure of who I am and where I am headed. Let me tell you why…

Date Ideas In The UK

Hey Cats,

Time for a spot of dating around the UK again lets see where we are going to visit today! I hope you enjoy reading this series as much as I enjoy writing it.

Isle Of Wight

I love the isle of wight it is so beautiful and I went with my bff to celebrate her graduating university we had the b…

Rocking The New Retro Look: The Essentials

Hey Cats, 

Are your a retro rockin’ kitty? If so, you may find yourself drawn to the old school 50’s rockabilly look, complete with victory rolls and red lips. But are you getting it right? Keep reading to find out.

Image source

Make up

Of course, you need to give any look a bit of your own personali…

Get dating around the UK

Hey Cats,

Time for some more date suggestions have I covered your area yet? Tell me about your favourite places to go on dates around the UK.


You would never believe the views and sites you can find in Staffordshire so over 50s dating Staffordshire why not get the heart racing in more …

Quick Ways To Spice Up Your Look

Hey Cats,
Who doesn’t love to discover new ways to improve their look? If you sometimes feel as if you are running low on those, you might start to wonder where to look. The truth is that there are always things you can do to give your look a new lease on life, and most of them are extremely straig…
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