5 Ways To Improve Your Home Film Watching Experience

Hey Cats,

We all know I love my films! Especially horror films and these days we can't always get to the cinema to check out the latest movie. If you're like me then you have to watch at least a film a day and that just isn't possible at the cinema just imagine my bank balance. Although when I was in university we did get to have our film lessons in a cinema and lessons were watching films ....I do miss those days. So how can you bring the cinema to your home?


Everyone has their favourite cinema snacks and lets face it wouldn't it be criminal to go to the movies without some delicious food to accompany the film. I have always been a popcorn grrrl and the best thing is it is so easy to make at home and you get to experiment with different flavours. I adore cinnamon or even a spicy flavour like chilli. You can have lots of fun with your friends and family experimenting with popcorn and making up exciting new flavours. I know a popcorn machine is on my Christmas wish list for sure!

If popcorn isn't your jam then you can make the ultimate nacho and hot dog platter and don't forget to keep that ice cream chilled in the freezer ready for afters. We even like to break out the cocktails extra points if you can theme them along with your movie like we do.


If you have ever visited a fancy cinema lately you get to sit on sofas and reclining chairs but you can make your own sofa super comfy. Splash out on a fluffy throw and some cozy cushions and you can snuggle up with your loved one. You could even throw a blanket on the floor with cushions to sit on and have a cosy indoor picnic. This is my households favourite thing to do and it makes sharing nachos easier and a lot more fun.


One of the things that makes a cinema so atmospheric for watching films is the sound! The sound of a film can change everything. Just imagine watching a scary movie with the sound coming from right behind you. Well you can if you get something like the Panasonic Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker you will be jumping into each others laps every time there is a jump scare.

Picture Qulaity

Invest in a decent TV! It isn't always about having a huge TV but a good quality picture will really enhance the viewing pleasure. If you have never watched a blu ray compared to a regular DVD then take the step to check it out especially if you have chosen to watch something with epic depth like King Kong or Avatar. Those kind of movies are made to be bold and bright and really can help transport you into a whole new world.


So you have your snacks, the film is loaded up ready to go and you have the sound ready too....just one more thing you need to do! Dim those lights down maybe light a candle or two and snuggle down in the dark to immerse yourself in a new adventure!

How do you bring the cinema into your home?



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