Beneath The Surface Heidi Perks Book Review

Hey Bookworms,

Another month means another book and this one I could not put down! I was reading it in the bath, in bed late at night and early morning...I was hooked! When Heidi got in touch and asked if I would give her book a read i read the synopsis and thought hmmm this isn't the kind of b…

Alternative Homeware Wishlist

Alternative Homeware Wishlist by kellykaos-1 featuring halloween home decor Tea pot
£32 -

CB2 home decor
£35 -

Black home decor
£28 -

Halloween home decor
£25 -

Canvas painting
£21 -

Madison Park halloween home decor
£9.72 -

a5 spi…

Lindy Bop Alternative Spring #PSOOTD

Hey Cats,

Spring is here and the flowers are all breaking out which fills my heart with joy so to celebrate I got outside to show you this alternative spring look. If you are looking for a bring and cute pastel spring look this isn't the one this is all bout keeping warm and happy on those stil…

Birthday And March Haul

A Night At The Movies With Gracewell

Hey Film Buffs,

By now you must know I am a total film nerd. There is nothing more I love than snuggling up with some popcorn and catching up with a film. Movie nights are the most fun when you share them with the ones you love. That's just what we did too. One of the best things about children…

Deal With That Flat Car Tyre

Hey Feministas,

You may not know but at the moment I am learning to drive. Yes almost 33 years old (not until tomorrow) and only just adding that skill to my belt. I blame Birmingham for making it easier to get around using trains, buses and feet. So being the independent fierce diva I am it got me…

A-Z Of Inspirational Women N is For...

Hey Feministas,

Lets celebrate some amazing women again and feel inspired by their magical ways. As always if you are new to this series welcome and please do check out all the other amazingly inspirational women we have already celebrated! N stands for,,,

I was recently introduced to the works of …

Kitty Interviews Feminist Punk Trio Kitten Forever

Hey Cats,
I was lucky enough to interview an awesome band from Minneapolis USA. This bad ass female trio have a punk styling covering important issues like feminism and of course Ice cream. If you follow me on Twitter you would have heard me raving about these ladies before,

First of all Kitten For…

Night Out #OOTD Wishlist

Night Out #OOTD Wishlist by kellykaos-1 featuring plus size sleeveless tops WearAll plus size sleeveless top
£24 -

WearAll plus size white maxi skirt
£16 -

Tevolio platform dress shoes
£28 -

Alexander McQueen structured purse
£1,200 -

Alexa Starr cluster jewelry

Money Saving Shopping Tips

Hey Bargain Hunters...

Let's face it we all love shopping and treating ourselves but it always feels all that more special when you feel like you've scored yourself a bargain. Am I right? I am always thrilled when I save a bit of money but then if you watch my empties or haul videos you wil…

YouTubers To Watch When You're Having A Bad Day

Hey Cats,

Some days you just get yourself in a funk and you can't get out. I had one of those days the other day and found myself watching You Tube by the end of watching these awesome people it was impossible not to giggle or smile your way through their videos,

Grav3yard Girl

Bunny is a US blo…