How To Make Long Distance Love Work!

Hey Cats, 
Love isn’t easy and lets be honest real love is messy and takes work. It’s so worth it when you meet your soulmate. Some people are really lucky and find the one for them right on their doorstep but it doesn’t always work out that way. You may find that perfect one for you over the sea or…

3 ways To Care For Your Car

Hey Cats, 

One of the things from a young age we are all so eager to do is get driving. We go on hours of lessons and save our cash to buy the car. Once you have the car you need to look after it and make sure you’re keeping it in the best condition you can. I got you covered here are my tips for lo…

CBD Explained With Benefits

Hey Cats, 
You may have heard about the rise in the use of products containing CBD. There’s a lot of confusion about what CBD actually is and how it’s used. I am going to break it down for you and explain the benefits. 
What is CBD?
CBD is just the shortened term for cannabidiol which is one of the co…
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