Avoiding Haircut Nightmares

Hey Cats,
I have been thinking of getting a hair cut and thought I would share a bit of the advice I have been given. Changing your hairstyle can be scary. You don’t know if it’ll work or not. There’s always the chance that you’ll get home and look in the mirror, only to find that you hate it, then…

Glam Time: Tips For Planning The Ultimate Girl's Night Out

Hey Cats
There is nothing as fun as planning a big night out with the girls. However, you’ll want to make some arrangements in advance to ensure you have the best time possible. With that in mind, I’ve listed some simple tips on this page that should point you in the right direction. If you follow …

Win A fidget Spinner!!

Hey Cats,

Everyone is spinning and fidgeting all over the place and it is down to a new craze that has taken everyone by storm! Fidget toys are suddenly everywhere. You can get cubes with buttons to click but the most popular seems to be the finger fidget spinners. Cute little handheld toys that ar…
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