#AlternativeCurves Time Travel - A Year In #OOTD

This month I am cutting it fine but the #AlternativeCurves challenge is all about Time Travel. With the year coming to a close what better way than to look back on a year of outfit posts! When I was looking back at all these pictures of myself it made me realise how much my confidence has grown ove…

#OOTD What I Wore To Meet Tess Munster Featuring Voodoo Vixen

A few weeks ago you read me squealing about how awesome Tess Munster was when I met her at Yours Clothing in Birmingham Bulling. Don't worry if you missed it you can catch up HERE. For about a week before it was time to go I just couldn't decide what to wear, I mean what do you wear to go s…

#BreakingBored - Beat That Christmas Boredom*

With Christmas just around the corner it may seem crazy that I want to talk to you about boredom. Lets face it though as soon as the pressies are open, with a belly full of turkey, the thought of facing Christmas films just isn't going to cut it. If your household is anything like mine, I alwa…

December You Beauty Unboxing

Another video for you lovely lot unboxing this months You beauty box.

 What did you chose for your box?

December Glossybox Unboxing

Check out what I received in my Glossybox this month...

What do you think?

Silent Sunday

#Xmasjumperday....Well Kind Of!

Happy Christmas Jumper day! So I don't exactly have a Christmas jumper but I did buy this amazing jumper from next to the Christmas jumpers so it is close enough right? Just look at the unicorn, I think I would rather have a unicorn than a snowman they aren't as cold to hug. Lets start with…

#Psbloggersadvent Update

If you checked out my first update video a few days ago , then you will know all about the PS bloggers advent swap. If not go check it out quickly before you watch an update of the lovely things I have received so far.

 Let me know what you think of the swap so far!!

#HeresWhatIWouldHaveSpent Missguided

There is no denying that retailers are really starting to stand up and take notice that plus size fashion is moving forward in a big way. There are so many new plus ranges being introduced which is really exciting. Recently Missguided launched a new plus size collection catering up to a size 24. Ke…

A-Z Of Inspirational Women - G Is For Glam

It's that time again to highlight some amazing inspirational women. I can't believe we are already on G. If you missed the others you can check them out at the bottom of the page.

Kicking off G for today is the ever talented Georgia O'Keeffe. I have always admired O'Keeffe's art…

#PSbloggersadvent Unwrapping

Just a quick video

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