Must Have Items for the Rockabilly Gal

Hey Cats, 
If there is one style that I have always admired, it’s Rockabilly. There’s just something about that era that piques my interest and I can’t stop admiring the fashion icons of the time. If you have seen my previous fashion posts, you will notice this love of mine makes its way into my c…

The Whisper Challenge

Tips For Working From Home

Hey Cats,

As you may know I currently work from home and have always worked in places with the option to work at home or not having a set desk oh the dreaded hot desking situation. When you work from home it can be hard to maintain that work and home balance as you're in a space you are so used…

A - Z Of Inspirational Women - O is for...

Hey Grrrl,

It is time to celebrate amazing women again. I can't believe we are already up to O it seems like only yesterday I started this series. I have loved writing these posts because not only can I share women I find inspirational with you lovely lot but we can also discover more with your…

Making Money From Blogging

Hey Bloggers!

Recently I wrote about staying motivated while blogging and it went down so well I teamed together with UK Credit to talk about how to make money blogging. Monetising your blog is something that isn't just for full time bloggers, you can be a hobby blogger but make a second income…

Putting the Spotlight On Discover Film

Hey Cats,

As you may know my trade I am an independent film maker having worked teaching film to young people and running my own film festivals. Part of this is making sure I support my fellow artists as much as I can by attending film festivals, watching others films and getting my bum to art exhi…

#FridayFright - Green Room Review

Hey Ghouls,

Last Friday me and the Mr were invited out to the Electric Cinema in Birmingham City centre to watch Green Room on the opening day. A great day for the release of any kind of horror/thriller as it was Friday 13th! Some clever marketing going down there. We hadn't been to the cinema …

Feminine Summer Style With JD Williams

Hey Cats,

Although summer is just around the corner Spring is still very much in swing. The sun has been shining and we have been blessed with some beautiful days. For me Spring and Summer is all about flowers I have seen so many beautiful bluebells, daisies and you will have seen them on Instagram…

Film Noir Femme Outfit inspiration Wishlist

Film Noir Femme Outfit inspiration Wishlist by kittykaos featuring ballet shoes Plus size maxi dress

Sugarbaby ballet shoes
£59 -

Man bag
£23 -

Crystal necklace
£9.39 -

Felt hat

Christian Louboutin lipstick
£62 -

BBrowBar false …

Current Skincare + coconut oil giveaway

Hey Cats,

If you watched my Body Shop video the other week then you would have seen I am currently on the quest for the perfect skincare routine. I have always tried to look after my skin but after hitting 33 last birthday I thought it was really time to kick it into gear. The most important thing …

Mini Plus size fashion and accessories haul ,New Look, Jd williams

Black Heart Creatives Subscription Box

Hey Cats,

You all know my love for Black Heart Creatives is strong and you would have seen in a haul a while ago I picked up their first jewellery subscription box. Mine was from all the way back in February and there have been several more fantastic boxes since then but I just opened for a one off…
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