Super Lush Haul including Halloween

Hey Cats,

One thing that sucks about living in the country is not being able to just up into some of my favourite shops. When Lush released their Halloween I popped to Birmingham but to my horror on the day I went they had very limited stock so I decided to order online. I have always worried about…

Facetox 7 day face mask challenge

How Quitting Smoking Benefits Your Beauty

For a lot of people, having to quit smoking can be quite a difficult task but for those who are successfully able to leave their bad habit behind, they not only get to enjoy a number of health benefits but become more attractive looking too. A number of toxins that are found in combustible tobacco …

Plastic fantastic with Simply plastics

Hey Cats,

When I am talking plastics I am not about to break into a Mean Girls post, instead I want to talk about something far more creative. A service you didn't even know you needed until right now. I was stoked to find out about Simply Plastics and their service of cutting perspex sheets. I…
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