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Super Lush Haul including Halloween

Hey Cats,

One thing that sucks about living in the country is not being able to just up into some of my favourite shops. When Lush released their Halloween I popped to Birmingham but to my horror on the day I went they had very limited stock so I decided to order online. I have always worried about ordering such delicate items online but was not about to miss out on these delicious smelling treats. The website is pretty easy to use but you miss out on the bubbly customer service you get in store. I love chatting to Lush staff and always find them so genuinely friendly and helpful. Digging into a lush box is like searching for treasure.

Although I get that they are trying to keep the packaging environmentally friendly I was a little disappointed that the items didn't come labelled in little baggies as some are for gifts but I got some cute tissue paper to get around that and labelled them up myself. More importantly what did I get? I totally needed the Halloween range so I went a little crazy.

I picked up two of the Monster Ball bath bombs one for myself and another for a friend. They are such a cute design reminding me of Monsters Inc and they smell so good. This bath bomb contains a mix of lime and neroli oils and is a large bath bomb so you get a lot for the price tag. I can't wait to slip into a monster bath of this. I also picked up the Lord Of Misrule bath bomb I love the colour of this one. I am always instantly drawn to green and love that it contains popping candy and patchouli oil. The popping candy helps this pagan inspired bath bomb explode in the water. 

I couldn't resist the adorable ghost bath melt and even though he is tiny I think that just adds to how cute he is and sometimes the best things come in tiny packages, 'Boo' also contains cocoa butter and any Lush product that I have used like this has left me feeling amazing and my skin silky smooth. Have you seen this glittery bubble bar of amazingness? I need all the glittery pumpkins in my life and this fills my glittery needs, \A citrus bubble bar that will add that zing to your day, I don't mind that I will be finding glitter everywhere for weeks. 

The last of the Halloween bath bombs that I picked up was the Pumpkin which promised to bring me a bath of pure pumpkin pie. Literally being able to sink into the smell of home baking just sounds amazing but I am going to hate melting that cute face. I have never used any of the glitter bars from lush and this cute goth fairy has been getting rave reviews A bit pricey for such a small item but I am told a little goes a long way. 

I know I said the pumpkin was the last of the Halloween bath bombs I picked up and that's because although the autumn lead comes under the same section I consider it more of a fall product. It isn't spooky but is beautiful and full of colour, More of a musky smell and a promise of yellows and beautiful reds in the bathroom, 

I also picked up a pressie for the Mr as he was complaining of achy muscles and this massage bar promises to soothe those aches away and is rich in cocoa butter a favourite product of his,

Have you been to Lush lately what did you get?


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