Got Your Number

Hey Cats,

Have you ever been stuck for the best way to contact a company. You get on their website and suddenly there are million phone numbers listed and you just don't know which one is the one you need to get your problem solved quickly without worry.

There have been many a time when my internet has gone down, i have needed to sort taxes or I just need a taxi number and instea dof hitting google there is a site where you can get all that info in just one stop. Contact number Uk  are a new service who can get you numbers for any UK service you can think of. I used them to look up Sky and EE, They are a new company and the best thing is they are there for our needs. So if you go direct to the Sky website or your bank for example you will be given the premium number to call where as contact number Uk are looking at getting the most cost effective numbers for the companies we all know and use because lord knows when something gies wrong the last thing you want is to be stuck on the phone for ages when it is costing a fortune,

Have you heard of contact number uk?

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