Educational and Office Items You Need for Colour Lovers

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Whether you’re a Small business owner or an avid blogger and you want to have practical but fun ways to stay organised and manage your business you may have thought about setting up a small office and you may need some practical supplies. Teacher boards have some fantastic products and I …

5 Ways To Get Your Single Dad Back Into Dating

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Sometimes our parents are so busy being parents that they don’t take time out for themselves and as we get older we may find ourselves with single parents for a number of reasons. Whatever the reason maybe it’s time to help Dad move on and find a new love in his life. Most likely he will …

5 Things To Do When Visiting Liverpool

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Recently I wrote about saving money and places to see if Liverpool there was just so many things to chose from I started building up a bucket list in my head and thought I would share in case you find yourself on a day trip that way.


I love visiting different shopping centres in to…

Is No Strings Dating For You?

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We always seem to assume that in the world of dating that all we are looking for love but that isn't always the case especially in a busy world of business minded people who want some of the benefits of relationship without the commitment. Browsing of sex sites has increased and becom…

5 Festivals From Around The World That Are A Must

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Ever since I went to my first festival I have been hooked, I just love the solidarity and energy of people coming together. I started when I was around 15 when I went to Reading festival and was blown away by how awesome and fun everyone was and that sense of belonging not to mention some…

How To Change Your Life For The Better

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Are you happy with your life? It’s a hard-hitting question, but an incredibly important one. If you
aren’t happy for most of your day and are constantly counting down the days to the weekend, you
are not living your best life. First, it’s important to note that the answer to a better, more…

How to Keep Your Brain Active

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Keeping a healthy and fit body is important, not only does it help prevent illness, but it also helps to
maintain a healthy weight and keeps you active even as you grow older. However, just as important
is having a healthy and active brain. Research has suggested that maintaining an active…

10 Natural Drug-Free Ways to Relieve Your Headache

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Having a headache can be the worst feeling and I think ti is important we don't always
reach for tablets when we are struggling to shift that dull ache. I am all for natural ways to
relieve some pains so give some of these a go first.

Hydrate – Drink water. Many headaches are actually …
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