How to Keep Your Brain Active

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Keeping a healthy and fit body is important, not only does it help prevent illness, but it also helps to
maintain a healthy weight and keeps you active even as you grow older. However, just as important
is having a healthy and active brain. Research has suggested that maintaining an active brain can help
to prevent conditions such as Alzheimer’s and improve memory retention. Here are some of the ways
that you can keep your mind active.
Keeping the brain active is more about your thinking and reasoning processes than anything else.
You need to do things that challenge your mind and help you to solve problems. One of the best
ways to solve problems is doing puzzles. When you are presented with a jumbled pile of puzzle
pieces, you are asking your brain to match not only different colors and patterns but also different
shapes. If you haven’t done puzzles for a long time, then you don’t want to be plunging into a
complicated one straight away, take things slowly and work up to the more difficult ones.

Although hobbies are a great way to use your free time and help you to relax, they are also
important in keeping your brain active. Doing something you love such as gardening, model
making, or painting are keeping you interested while allowing your mind to be creative and free
from stress. If your hobby involves physical activity as well as mental, then this is even better.
While not everyone likes DIY, it can be great for keeping the body and mind active. For example,
if you have work that needs to be done on your car, then you can use this opportunity to do it
yourself. Choosing what kind of OBD scanner you need to diagnose the problem and then figuring
out ways to fix it is great for improving your problem solving and coordination. Another way that it
can help is when you need to research how to do a particular task such as replacing a light fitting.
Learning new things is key to keeping your mind active.
Both relaxing and informative, reading is the favorite pastime for many people. It can also be
good for the brain; it encourages the imagination as you try to picture where the characters are
and what they are doing. It is also one of those activities that you can do almost anywhere, even in
the bath.

Taking part in quizzes not only help you to think and recall information, but it also helps with social
skills and team play. Playing with a group of people is especially fun, and it means you are forming
new friendships. These activities are especially great for older people who want the social interaction
as well as keeping their mind active.
It is never too late to start using your brain and challenging yourself mentally. Try to learn a new
thing every day and do things that interest and encourage you.


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