Is No Strings Dating For You?

Hey Cats,

We always seem to assume that in the world of dating that all we are looking for love but that isn't always the case especially in a busy world of business minded people who want some of the benefits of relationship without the commitment. Browsing of sex sites has increased and become more open through the years. People are settling down later in life and consensual safe sex is no longer a taboo.

No strings dating isn't for everyone though and how will you know if it is for you? Lets talk about it and find out. First lets get rid of the misconception that dating for sex rather than love means hooking up with lots of different partners. In some cases this may be so and if you are open to that and can do so without forming attachments then that is a great option for you. However sometimes it may be hooking up with on person purely for one reason but it is important to know what the other persons expectations are going into this agreement.

Knowing what you want from the beginning is important go in open minded and sure in some cases no strings can lead to love and relationships but this isn't the place for you if that is what you are ready for that can only lead to heartache. mixed feelings and lots of strings attached on your side without even realising it. Know what your boundaries are and be clear sex dating sites aren't just about hooking up with strangers you can date for sex but have a clear idea of what you want. Using a site gives you a chance to chat first and build up trust and have a bit of fun first testing before you take the jump if this is for you. You don't even have to meet to get your rocks off some people will be happy for some steamy chat.

The most important thing is to be safe in all aspects. If you are chatting to someone you don't know online don't give out too much personal information like your address and be careful when sending pictures as there is the risk they may some back to haunt you so you can do this without including your face, using snapchat or webcam. If you have built up that trust with someone and feel comfortable enough to meet in person then go for it. Let a good friend know where you will be meeting and check in with them. Try and meet somewhere mutual like a hotel room then you can let your friend know what room you will be in.

The most important thing when it comes to any kind of sex is consent and contraception. Be safe make sure you and the person or people you're hooking up with are consenting adults and know what each others boundaries if you don't feel comfortable with trying a specific kink then only you know when it is ok to push those boundaries and when they are firmly in place and let only you make those choices saying no and having safe words is ok! Make sure you are using contraception and if you don't (we all make mistakes) then get regular check ups between partners. Sexual health is very serious and important.

Most of all relax have fun and explore your kinks finding yourself and the things that get you off can be very liberating and a great thing to know for future serious relationships.

Have you ever entered the world of no strings dating?



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