Plastic fantastic with Simply plastics

Hey Cats,

When I am talking plastics I am not about to break into a Mean Girls post, instead I want to talk about something far more creative. A service you didn't even know you needed until right now. I was stoked to find out about Simply Plastics and their service of cutting perspex sheets. If you think I am going crazy let me tell you some of the practical and fun things you may need to use this service for,

Cake Decorations that you can use time and time again. These acrylic sheets are a fantastic way to help create a clean finish for frosting and icing. They are totally food safe and easy to clean for continued use.

At the moment we are on a project to make a playhouse for the little one and were excited to find out that we could get the windows cut from Simply plastics. A much safer and child friendly option than glass windows. Durable and safe as it is completely shatterproof and weather resistant.

you can also get your very own sign made which would be fantastic for an event or wedding. We have been to lots of weddings recently and the table decorations have been cute cut out pieces made of wood but plastic would be just as fabulous and could bring a pop of colour to your table.

Another fun thing you could do is make your own jewellery by getting some interesting shapes and having some friends over for some jewellery making fun. I have lots of acrylic jewellery that I love wearing and again the colours always brighten a day.

what would you use this service for?

*this has been a collaboration


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