About Me

I am Miss Kitty Kaos nicknamed so sometime ago and it just kind of stuck. A plus size fierce feminist riot grrrl from the West Midlands in the UK. Influenced by the lovely Beth Ditto, Frida Khalo, Ani Di Franco and Tess Holliday.

I used to write a zine and blogging is just a natural progression for the modern riot grrrl. I started my blogging journey 2 years ago as a way to help improve my writing and share some fun outfit ideas. However have I got so much more from the blogging world than I expected. My confidence has rocketed and my style is continually adapting with the quickly expanding plus size fashion industry. I love pushing boundaries and trying new style but am open and honest about my body confidence journey.

I live in Birmingham with my lovely partner Neil who shares my love of punk and cheesy horror films. This passion also filters into my blog where you will often find alternative style, film reviews and live gig feedback.

I have worked for record and film companies so have a great love for media which got me interested in art and film making. I am outspoken and open which you will find in some of my opinion pieces where I ask you to challenge your thoughts and get involves in important discussions.

I  write about Fashion, Beauty, Film, Music, Feminism and Travel. I love hearing what you have to say so drop me a line.  I appreciate all the lovely comments and everyone who stops by to read about the adventures of this riot grrrl.  A huge thank you  xxx

Get in touch at misskittykaos@gmail.com
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