Style XL Birmingham Plus Size Fashion Weekend

Hey Sweethearts!

If you follow my You tube antics you may have already seen my vlog adventures at Style XL but it was so awesome and such a lot of hard work went into it that I think it totally deserves another mention.

This is the second year Style XL has run for now. I sadly missed last years whi…

Good Things - Manuka Honey Radiance Face Mask

Hey Loves,

It is no secret what today's post is about. If you saw my last empties video you would have seen I mentioned an amazing face mask I used recently and I wanted to tell you a bit more. 
I received a sample of the Good Things Manuka Honey Radiance Facemask  in one of my last You Beauty …

A - Z Of Inspirational Women- J is for

Hey you fierce lot,

We are bringing inspirational women up to J today and I have some kick ass ladies featured today. Lets kick off with some music to go with the article and kick off our first inspirational J.

Janis Joplin, need I say anything?....I will though, a legend in her own right. Joplin gr…

My Empties Hit And Misses

Hey Sweets,

In case you are not already subscribed to my you tube (shame on you! show me some love) here is my latest beauty empties update with some quick fire hit and misses!

Have you used any of these products?

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