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A - Z Of Inspirational Women- J is for

Hey you fierce lot,

We are bringing inspirational women up to J today and I have some kick ass ladies featured today. Lets kick off with some music to go with the article and kick off our first inspirational J.

Janis Joplin, need I say anything?....I will though, a legend in her own right. Joplin grew up on greats like Billie Holiday. Heavily influenced by the blues scene Janis channelled this in her music and rebellious nature. A true barefooted Woodstock hippy with a free spirit, Joplin brought us great hits like. 'Down On Me' , 'Kosmic Blues' and of course 'Mercedez Benz'.  Sadly leaving this world too soon but leaving a lasting impact with her music.

Growing up when girls wanted to be the Spice Girls or Rachel from Friends I just didn't relate. For me it was the Lunachicks, Courtney Love and of course Jessika from Jack Off Jill. She was just too cool to many misunderstood girls. The dark music spoke to me in a time I needed it and in my teenage angst only Jessika understood. I know this was the same feeling for many a girl because dancing to JOJ in dirty rock clubs was like an instant bond in sisterhood. JOJ have performed a one off reunion show and we can only hope this gives them a thirst to tour. Jessika does still front the band scarring who are also awesome so be sure to check them out. Also dipping her toe into the art world with some great pieces.

For all you sports fans out there Jackie Mitchell is a woman to take inspiration from. Working hard playing a sport she loved paid off when she became one of the first female pitchers in professional baseball. She even struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in an exhibition game with the New York Yankees. In the 1930s this was a huge achievement for any baseball player and even better that it was a young woman.

Comedy is often a male dominated place but this was no match for Jo Brand. Starting her career in comedy late with the nickname 'the sea monster' which I can only imagine was because she is as fierce as the amazing Ursula. After a terrible starting gig being fat shamed and heckled she didn't give up and who is laughing now after being guest on many popular series like QI and hosting her own Jo Brand Through The Cakehole. Not stopping there Jo is also a published author and a very funny woman. 

If you are a regular reader you will already know my love of American Horror Story. Jessica Lange makes American Horror Story truly phenomenal. The thought of the next series being without her just makes me shake my head. No stranger to the screen Jessica has won many well deserved awards for performances. Featuring in the 1976 remake of King Kong, Big fish and many more brilliant films. Playing a true villain in American Horror Story when off screen that is so far from the truth. A humanitarian who does a lot of work for children's charities. 

Who are your inspirational J's? You can check out the other posts in the series by clicking on the banner to the side of this article on the main page.


  1. Great choices there - Jo Brand never fails to make me laugh and I have to admit to not listening to Janis Joplin for ages. I shall have to change that :-)

  2. Some amazing ladies here for sure!!!! Janis and Jo are defo my faves of all of them x

  3. Jessicka, yes! I LOVED JOJ & am checking more or less daily to see if they've announced their UK reunion gig! Awesome post <3

  4. great choices. Janis Joplin is amazing. I love this idea, can't wait for k.


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