10 Tips To Get Better Quality Sleep

Hey Cats, 
Sleep is a magical thing that when we are young we all try and fight. Sleep loss can have so many negative effects on our body from stress levels to being more prone to illness. My sleep pattern has wavered over the years but I have some great tips on things that have worked for me to get…

Why I Left The Body Shop At Home

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You may remember a few years back I was really excited to be joining The Body Shop AT Home. I have always and still do adore Body shop products as they are ethical, great quality and do great work around the world. They are a brand I really respect so when I found out I could represent th…

May Favourites - Beauty, Games and More

Hey Cats,

May has been an interesting month with its ups and downs but I have had discovered lots of thing I have really enjoyed. I wanted to share them with you and why not comment below what your favourites have been this month?


We have had so much time on our hands to catch up with our fav…

4 Surprising Reasons To Cherish Virtual Date Night

Hey Cats,

For everyone in a long-distance relationship during lockdown - hang on in there!

The past two months have probably been a mix of boredom and brain-storming sessions that spruce update night so that you're not doing the same old thing. Sorry, but there are only so many times a couple can…

Polarized Sunglasses: Why Different Shades Are Used?

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The sun has certainly been shining down on the UK over the last month of lock down. As we start to ease off and exercise our and about more remember to look after yourself in the sun. Apply that sun cream and most of all break out your sunglasses or grab a new pair.

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Why Neon lighting is making a return on the wedding scene

Neon lighting has the ability to create a mood. It can generate an atmosphere and emotions that are the perfect blend of futuristic, clean and nostalgic, alls seemingly at the same time. It was only after the discovery and widespread use of Neon lighting that gave cities such as Las Vegas,
Paris an…

One Hundred Shades Of White Book Review

Hey Cats,

As I mentioned in my last post today the Books for the brave readathon kicked off and I was super excited to get stuck in. We were greeted with a video from the lovely Victoria and we got to find out her to be read choices for the readathon. If you’re a book worm like me you will be so ex…

#Booksforthebrave Readathon And My #TBR reads

Hey Cats,

You all know how much I love to read and I love watching booktubers to get new read ideas. I was watching ‘Drinking by my shelf’ and discovered she had got together with some other book lovers to create a readathon to raise some money for a great charity.


The charity is NHS Charat…

8 Ideas For A Video Date

Hey Cats,

This week we have been speaking about online dating and yesterday I gave you some tips to create the best video date. Now you are tooled with how to set up the date I wanted to share some fun date ideas. These can be used with anyone you’re dating either long distance or if you met online…
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