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Tips For Creating The Perfect Online Video Date

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This week I have been talking about the rise of online dating during lockdown. If you are a regular here then you will already know I’m a huge advocate for dating online as it’s where I met my partner. I always like to share tips on how you can get the best from online dating.  Just because we can’t meet up with people at the moment doesn’t mean you’re dating life has to go on hold you just have to get a little more creative.

Last time we spoke about video dates and I want to tell you how to set up the perfect date to get to know each other and in the next posts I will be sharing my top ideas for video dates for both new and existing relationships. When you can’t meet in person I find video dates to be a fun alternative as you can get to know more about them like their body language, how they look from all angles and just if you bounce off each other in real time. Here are my top tips for a great video date -

Set A Time 

Even if you’re a spontaneous person try not to jump straight onto a call right now. Try and treat it like a regular date even if you’re only giving yourself half an hour. A little time to prepare and get ready will mean you’re a lot more comfortable. I personally love chatting to people on video but if you’re a bit nervous having a set time can help calm your nerves and you can go into the call with more confidence.

The majority of these tips will be tailored towards conventional dates and chats but can also be applied for those looking to take a hook up to a video call. If that’s you’re jam them you can meet fellow minded peopled on sites like or local sites to yourself like Essex sex site. Equally if that’s something you’re not comfortable with make sure you know vaguely what the other person is looking for before jumping on the call. If things are getting a bit full on remember you can tap out at any time your comfort is important.

Curate You’re Setting 

The beauty of a date on your terms is you get to create the setting to your taste. Tidy up for a start just imagine how embarrassing it would be if you were casually chatting away and they spot your washing up piled high. It sets a good impression and will help you relax a little too even if it’s just the space you will be calling from you organise. Remember you will need decent light for a video so use the excuse to video a mate to help find the best lighting and have a good catch up.

Dress For Confidence

Make an effort as if it’s a date out of the house and wear something you feel comfortable but confident in. I know as soon as I wear make up I fell like I can take on the world but that’s just because I love make up. Equally if you wouldn’t usually get too dressed up for dates then go with comfort as long as you’re not in your pjs.

Choose Device

There are so many ways we can video chat now on so many different devices. Choose the one that’s going to allow you to be hands free and able to see your date clearly. Whichever way you choose to video you can use so many different apps from Facebook to WhatsApp or zoom. Make sure you’re device have the relevant app downloaded and most of all make sure you have enough charge to complete your call.

Turn Off Distractions

It is so easy to get distracted and when you’re on a call you want to give your date your full attention. Turn off the stereo / TV and put your phone on silent.  I’m sure your date doesn’t want you chatting to your Mum ok speakerphone while you’re sipping on a cocktail. Cats and dogs are welcome and could be a great talking point if the conversation dips and can help you read the virtual room to see if they will get along with your pets. You can also break out any talents I was serenaded on the banjo by my fiancé and it was dreamy.

You’re all set to go, now be yourself, relax and enjoy your dates company!

Have you ever had a video date?

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