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8 Ideas For A Video Date

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This week we have been speaking about online dating and yesterday I gave you some tips to create the best video date. Now you are tooled with how to set up the date I wanted to share some fun date ideas. These can be used with anyone you’re dating either long distance or if you met online and are yet to meet.

If you haven’t yet tried online dating and are struggling to meet someone in your area then localised dating sites like for example  Edinburgh dating site over at are a great fit. If you look for sites local to your area you will be able to find likeminded people you may not have bumped into just yet. This is particularly great if you’re new to an area or just live a busy lifestyle. Now let’s jump into the dates...

Classic coffee

The most loved classic date is to meet for coffee , so why not create that at home. Both grab your coffee sit comfortably and have a chat. If you need a starting point to calm your nerves you can natter about what is in your cup. If your British then you just know there will be string feelings about tea so that can create some fun banter to ease the mood. This will then hopefully set a light tone so you can move forward to conversation getting to know them a bit more. Remember to ask questions about them and listen and take note if they do the same.


If tea or coffee are not your jam and you need a bit of Dutch courage then go for a drinks date. You can drink your old favourite or if you’re feeling adventurous and share a love of cocktails then why not teach other how to make your favourite. If you tell each other what you need before hand you can both try each other’s most loved tipple and have a laugh over each other playing bar tender. Let the chat flow but remember to know your limits with your drinks so you don’t end up crying on the floor or running for the bathroom because that could be scary for your date.


Gaming is just so much fun this can be anything from sharing a love of Xbox , animal crossing or breaking out a mutual board game. Monopoly makes people crazy though so maybe avoid that one for now. If Xbox or PlayStation is your gaming of choice there are so many screen and video sharing devices where you can either play the same game at the same time or even play different games. This can not only be fun but also help you get passed that part of the game you have been stuck on for ages. So even if you don’t dig the date you can carry on with your game for sure.


There are a few ways you can work a movie video date with your crush. There are apps you can use to watch films together and chat at the same time or you can choose to watch the film and then video. The latter gives you a chance to discuss all your favourite bits of the film or the snacks you ate. Films bring out a lot of emotion in people and are often left with so much to chat about so this will get you chatting for ages. What better and excuse after to meet up after lockdown and get cosy at the cinema with popcorn and kisses.


Dinner dates are really popular and you can make them a lot of fun too. Why not buy each other dinner by sending a take away to them for you both to enjoy at the same time. You could take turns to do this and enjoy over video. If you’re really foodies and love cooking why not have a cook a long video together where you can share you’re best loved recipies and find out if they are a whiz or a chop in the kitchen. If you’re both awful then that’s even more of a giggle you can both have and then settle on the take away after you burnt the toast.


Talented or not have a sing along with each other, this date is definitely for the brave if you can’t sing but can be paired with the drinks night to add a fun element. If you do have a talent then share it now if you find karaoke too cheese the break out the guitar. Any musical talents can be shared in a videos like this and who know you may end in perfect harmony.

Craft along

Although this sounds cheesy a craft isn’t all pva glue and glitter. It could be drawing together or even drawing each other. Making something fun together or my personal favourite playing paint along to Bob Ross. Bob is the perfect third wheel to a date with a lovely positive attitude and he has a skill for making painting look easy. You can grab a glass of wine and attempt to paint even better if you’re both beginners you might both go away with a new hobby you can peruse in further dates.


Any excuse to break out a cute summer dress and eat delicious food. You can have an indoor or outdoor picnic taking a blanket on the floor settling down with some snacks and a drink and have a chat over good food. If you do decide to go outside pick a quiet spot where you won’t have too much noise so you can hear your date with ease. I adore picnics and in lockdown there are lots of local cafes who need your support so you can both order from a local cafe and share what you bets picnic picks are. No picnic is complete without sandwiches , cheese and wine. What’s on your perfect picnic?

What kind of video date would you go on?

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