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#Booksforthebrave Readathon And My #TBR reads

Hey Cats,

You all know how much I love to read and I love watching booktubers to get new read ideas. I was watching ‘Drinking by my shelf’ and discovered she had got together with some other book lovers to create a readathon to raise some money for a great charity.


The charity is NHS Charaties Together who work to support the NHS and raise vital funds. During Covid-19 they are working to provide much needed treats and support for our front line workers. Don’t worry this is not an aim to make the NHS into a charity but in these vital times it is important to support our workers who are out there risking their lives. The charity works to put packages together such a food, wash bags, or pay for over night stays and parking. They also support providing essential mental health support for key workers as well as patients and their families too. I am sure you will agree with me that this is an important and great way for us to show our support. The aim is to raise £1000 simply by asking anyone who takes part or enjoys seeing the videos to donate the cost of one book or whatever you can afford to give. You can find the fundraising page here if you would like to donate.


So what’s a a Readathon? Basically a Readathon is an event where book lovers have a set time to read a challenge set amount of books or have a theme to follow. The books for the brave readathon will be taking part 11th May-17th May 2020. The target is to read 3 books that meet the set criteria. The first book is to have N, H, or S in the title or authors name. The second book is to feature someone brave. The third is a book that intimidates you, all of these can be interpreted how you like. The hosts have promised lots of fun games and things along the way which can be followed over on Twitter. The aim is to use books you already own and then donate the money you would have spent to the charity!

Book With N, H, or S In The Title Or Authors Name

For this one I chose a book I have had on my shelf for some time now. I picked it up I’m a charity shop as they are amazing places to find beautiful preloved books. ‘One hundred shades of white’ by Preethi Nair. It actually had N,H and S in the titles so was a good fit and a great excuse to give this book a read. From what I know it’s a story of a young girl who moves from India to London and the journey that will take her on. I’m really excited to read this as I love learning about new cultures and it sounds like a great story about someone finding their way in a new place. This book is 294 pages Long.

Book With Someone Brave

For my book featuring someone brave I was gifted the perfect book from my lovely friend for my birthday. If you read my ‘what I have been watching’ post then you will know I have been addicted to     the series based on this book. So the book I chose to read is ‘Outlander’ by Diana Gabaldon so I can see how true the series has stayed to the book. I think it fits the theme of bravery as it’s all about a woman who accidentally goes back in time and is trying to find her way home. Not only is she brave but it is set in Scotland in 1743 and we will meet many more brave people along the way. This is probably the biggest of the books I have Picked out weighing in at 863 pages. So I really am setting myself a challenge.

Book That Intimidates You

I have been getting back into graphic novels recently and one that I have been avoiding reading is ‘Jim Henson’s return to the labyrinth’ by Jake T Forbes and Chris Lee. Labyrinth is one of my all time favourite films so the reason this book intimidates me is I will either love it or hate it and because I’m not sure which I have been avoiding reading it. So the time has come for me to read volume one of the return into the world I so love and find out what this depiction of a sequel looks like. I have heard some pretty bad reviews but have always vowed to make my own opinions. This one has a total of 208 pages but obviously is a quicker read being a graphic Novel.

In total I am aiming to read a total of 1365 pages in the week. Can I do it? Stay tuned for updates.

Have you ever joined a readathon?

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