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What Series I Have Been Watching On Netflix & Prime

Hey Cats,

Being in isolation has given us all a chance to really take advantage of our Netflix and other streaming sites. I thought I would share a few of the shows I have been watching over on Netflix and Prime over the last month or so and I would love to hear what you have been watching too! It goes without saying that I am already up to date on Queer eye which makes me cry and Drag race which always leaves me in awe of the talent so these are my other recent binge watches!

Tiger king (Netflix)

It is impossible to mention Netlix watches without mentioning the Tiger King. The whole internet has gone crazy for Joe Exotic. A few years ago Louis Theroux did a documentary featuring Joe and so I was already aware of him. If you haven’t seen the documentary it’s well worth checking out it gets a bit crazy. I would rate this as true crime as there is rife with all kinds of misdoings and it is a comment on the lives of the people who feel the need to own exotic cats like tigers and lions. The thing about Tiger king is it’s just insane and unbelievable the poor animals suffer for a start but I feel for everyone in this documentary as they are all pretty messed up. It’s a really great watch though with so many twists and turns so without a doubt cave into the hype if you haven’t already. I have so many theories on what happened like was Joe framed? Is Carol guilty? Come over to twitter and let me know your theories too!

Too hot to handle (Netflix)

I have a guilt addiction to reality tv dating shows! I already binge watched ‘love is blind’ on Netflix and and loved it. I watched Too hot to handle in just a few days it’s so addictive. The premise is a group of young singles are put in a house in an exotic location and they are told they can’t have any sexual contact. The aim is to win some cash at the end and they lose money every time someone kisses or gets down and dirty. If you love a bit of trash tv then this is the show for you. I just can’t believe how double crossing and sex crazed some people can be and most of all how we’re all the ladies not chasing Kel because he was clearly the catch!

American horror story (Netflix)

I only just noticed that the series ‘Apocalypse‘ has finally landed on Netflix! I adore the American horror story series each one having a different twisted theme using the same actors. If you have never watched any honestly You need to but if you don’t like one season give another a try. My favourite is still Coven and I love that if you do stick with all the series you get lots of little crossovers and Easter eggs. Hotel was a fantastic season too featuring the beautiful Lady Gaga. The world has gone to hell and bombs are going off all over the world. A few elites have been saved and hidden away in bunkers but the rest of the world as we know it is destroyed by radioactive fallout. I am only a few episodes into Apocalypse but enjoying it so far I’m hoping we get to see a bit of an apocalyptic world outside of a bunker too because I’m a nerd for this whole genre.

Outlander (Prime)

I never would have picked this series out myself but my lovely friend suggested that I give it a watch. I am so glad I did this is packed full of so many twists and turns time travel, scandal and so much more. I love this series so much I am going to read the books. It’s all about a woman who gets sent back in time. If you love history don’t be put off by the romance element as there’s tales of revolution, war and we travel the world as well as time. Each episode is packed full of fights, passionate sex and you get an insight into just how unfair the world once was. I have binged all of Outlander so far and the most recent series is being released every Monday Monday an episode at a time.

Ex on the beach (Prime)

Again I’m at it again with brainless tv but if you thought there was a scandal on big brother when someone had sex then that’s every night in this series. It’s a bit crass and there’s lots of sexual talk so if you’re an easy blusher be prepared. A house full of singles live together in a tropical place and every day a new ex appears. There are fights, sex drama and romance it is fast passed and full of entertainment. Familiar faces from Geordie shore make an appearance and so do their ex’s it’s like being on an endless night out in Ibiza. The ex’s really stir things up as some are there to try and fix the relationships but some are out for revenge.

Carnival row (Prime)

It took me a few episodes to get into this one but I really liked the magical aspect and so stuck with it. Fairies and other magical creatures are treated like second rate citizens in a human land. A murderer is on the hunt killing off those with magic but the police don’t seem to care except on cop who just happens to be Orlando Bloom. I swear I didn’t even recognise him at all but then I’m out of the loop. A neo noir fantasy which has a really dark vibe to it, a great show that I hope to see a second season from.

What have you been watching?


  1. It's not a lockdown Netflix post without Tiger King :) You've been watching some really cool stuff, I'm running out of things to watch, I think


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