5 Entertaining Ideas for Virtual Weekends

Dancing on your own in the house is fine nowadays, but if you and your friends are getting a bit lonely all stuck inside, why not think of new fun ways you can all hang out? You can have fun without even being in the same room. You could recreate parties over video call and blow off some of that self-isolation steam. Plenty of apps and websites have jumped at the opportunity to deliver goods and entertainment to your door or screen, so you don’t have to worry about supplies. You might wake up with a not so virtual hangover, but it’ll hopefully be worth it!

Wine Tasting

Let’s start with a more sophisticated option. If you and your friends are interested in learning more about wine, a couple of companies are offering virtual tastings such as a grape night in and winetrust100. Why not treat yourselves and give it a try? You’re probably saving a few pennies from not going to the pub. You’ll never go bottom shelf again. 


These could range from karaoke, online games, or showing off your newly acquired musical skills. There a plenty of options to practice an instrument online such as the piano or guitar with sites like Musician Authority. Taking up a new hobby is a great way to pass time and music is a great choice. Jam with your mates on Houseparty or Zoom, you might get pretty good by the end of summer, who needs festivals? If you’re worried about missing out on making crazy new friends try Smule, where you can collaborate with music fans all over the world.

Beer Fests

If you prefer beer to wine you could look into getting craft beer deliveries too like beer52. They even send you a little magazine with the subscription so you can learn more about their origins, and discuss them at length with your more hipster friends. You could create the ambiance of a festival by all sitting in respective gardens while you do it, traditionally it should be raining, but considering the circumstances, you allowed a bit of sunshine. 

Virtual Clubbing

If you’re really missing being out dancing and the DJ scene then don’t worry. The most legendary European DJs have collaborated together to bring you “United We Stream” which comes directly from Berlin nightclubs. Thousands of artists have basically put together a virtual club for you so even though there isn’t much active nightlife at the moment, you’ll still be able to rave at home. 


Bake brownies, binge watch some horror films, and get comfy. These are things you can do over Houseparty or Zoom. The best part is that you can actually sleep in your own bed afterward rather than on your mate’s floor. If you all get a chat going, or at least watch the films at the same time, it’s almost like the real thing. You can put on facemasks to scare your friends on video call and try out new beauty products. 

Do you have any ideas for a virtual weekend?


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