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American Horror Story Coven

I am one of those rainy, duvet day loving kinda girls. I love getting snuggled up with a blanket on my sofa with a cuppa to watch a series back to back. I have no patience to wait every week for a new episode to appear. Either I get busy and forget or I go crazy with anticipation. I like to watch things that send my imagination crazy and feed my inner gore whore.

American horror story has always delivered twisted tales for me. I loved the first series when I fell in love with Tate.The second series blew my mind and now we are onto the third. I just finished watching Coven and have to say that it has been the best season yet. One thing I really like about the American Horror Story series is that the actors return in a whole new role. This lets you see just how good the quality of acting is and lets you see different dimensions to them. I can only imagine it is both a rewarding and challenging series to be a part of.Plus it means I get to see Evan Peters over and over.Can you tell I have a bit of a school girl crush? Scruffy haired moody misunderstood grunge boys are totally hot my inner teen riot grrrl squeals with delight every time he graces my screen.

When I first heard that season was going to be about witches I rolled my eyes and actually put off watching it for a while. How wrong I was though some great new characters have been introduced. My favourites being the Fleetwood Mac loving hippy spirited white witch Misty Day who has given me a renewed love for Fleetwood.

Not to forget the fiery curvaceous Queenie played by the fabulous Gabourey Sidibe.

Without spoiling anything Coven covers issues in Race, slavery, women dis empowering each other and teenage angst. Much deeper than just a gore filled series. Although do not worry there are plenty of bone crunching bloody moments through out. If you haven't seen it yet give it and watch.

I have heard rumours that the next season will be Circus set in New Orleans and now I can only begin to dream of all the weird and wonderful characters that will follow. For now I will leave you with some Fleetwood Mac.


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