Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

Woo I Got Picked Asos Insider

EEEEEKKKK I AM SO EXCITED! Can you tell? So The other day I got soaked in the rain and came stamping into the flat and lying on the floor was a mystery parcel. I hadn't ordered anything so was baffled as to what it could be until I saw it said ASOS on it. I tore open the packet straight away without even taking off my soggy coat. Inside was a lovely black box...

and inside that...

The little attention to detail was so cute as I opened the envelope lots of little confetti stars dropped into my lap with a cute little ring   There was also a cute little nail at set that I cant wait to use
Last but not least in the box was  personalised note from Tara which showed she had taken the time to have a look at my blog as she mentioned my trip to Sri Lanka. Telling me I had been picked to be an Asos insider This means which means I will be able to get exclusive behind the scenes information which means you can read all about it. Look out for #ACCESSALLASOS hashtags

Thank you Asos I am so looking forward to blogging more about your fabulous goodies.


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