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Love Everybody Body Positive Workshop #1

So as you may remember I wrote a post for #bodyconfidenceweek and not long after I noticed lots of the fabulous blogging ladies I follow popping up with a body positivity workshop which I loved reading. I decided that I really wanted to be a part of this so even though I am a little behind the lovely Leah from Just Me Leah welcomed me with open arms. So lets dive straight in.

Assignment 1 - I'd like you to write a letter to your body, acknowledging the things you've been through together. For example: What accidents and illnesses have you had? Do you have scars, tattoos? Have you been operated on? What have you been through in your body, good and bad? What highs and lows have there been? Does your body make you feel happy, sad, disappointed? Do you feel at one with your body or is it the enemy? What parts do you like and dislike? What parts do you want to work on being happier with? These are just suggestions. Make your post your own and feel free to add photos, art, a poem, or any other creative endeavour.

Lets start with a picture I dislike

Dearest Body, 

I guess I am not sure how to start this letter except to say sorry and thank you all at the same time. I am not sure when I fell out of love with you or if I ever was. I just need some time to get to know you better again and then I know I will love you. I know through the years I have tried to shrink you, hide you, cut you, disrespected you and hated you. All I want is for you to forgive me and for us to move forward. 

There have been times as a child when I was so unaware of how special I was to have you. You let me launch off swings and put up a fight against my brother and cousins when we used to play fight in the summer in the fields of Wales. It is because of you I could climb trees and feel freedom like no other. A freedom I long for now as an adult back in a time when I didn't think of how I could change you. 

Too big, too broken, too ugly are all things I have thought over time. I believed others when they told me "You would be pretty if you just lost some weight", "You can't wear that" and I hated you for it. I hated being the fat girl. No matter how anyone dressed it up chubby, cuddly, curvy I knew I was fat. Thing is I don't see such a huge problem with it. Like sure make steps to get healthier but why shouldn't I love you how you are right now? Tomorrow could be our last day together for all I know and I would have spent too much time staring at a mirror not really seeing you. Thing is there is nothing wrong with you just the way I see you.

So that is why I decided to do this body positive workshop as we both know we started our journey of self love and we need to keep making steps until I can stand and honestly look at you no clothes and say. I love you just the way you are.

So body i make with you this pact to go on this journey and that I will stop hating you and taking you for granted.




So there You go readers that is my honest open hearted letter to my body. What would you write in yours?

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If I missed you let me know <3


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