Polarized Sunglasses: Why Different Shades Are Used?

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The sun has certainly been shining down on the UK over the last month of lock down. As we start to ease off and exercise our and about more remember to look after yourself in the sun. Apply that sun cream and most of all break out your sunglasses or grab a new pair.

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While you may already know that polarized sunglasses effectively reduce all forms of glare, you
might not be aware of the reasons for using various colors for sunglass lenses, and with that in
mind, here are some things about colored lenses that you might not know.

Lens Colors

  1. Darker Colors

The color of the lenses determines the amount of light you can see, with dark colors such
as brown, green and grey that are ideal for outdoor wear. Grey and green tints will not
distort color, while brown can a little. Green or grey are ideal for fishing, as they cut out
the water glare and allow you to observe fish underwater, and the online supplier would
have a good selection of dark shaded sunglasses.

  1. Light Colors

Lighter shades are ideal for low to moderate light levels, with yellow, gold, amber and
rose all being popular tints, especially for outdoor sports, when you need to have perfect
vision. Yellow is preferred for skiing and snowboarding, as they cut out the reflective glare
that occurs on the snow and ice. Hikers and bikers also prefer yellow tinted sunglasses, as
they offer the best anti-glare and UV protection, and with a wrap-around style, you are
fully protected against UV rays.

The Polaroid Corporation

This was the brainchild of Edwin H. Land, who developed the Polaroid polymer film that is used as
a coating for polarized sunglasses. The Polaroid Corporation went out of business in 2001, and since
then, the Polaroid name has been bought and sold, with Polaroid Eyewear now holding the patent
for polarized film. The name was purchased by an Italian sunglasses manufacturer Safilo Group, who
still holds the rights to this day and all of its products are polarized.

Online Designer Sunglasses

If you would like to browse a selection of the best polarized sunglasses for men, a Google search is
all it takes to find an established Australian company that is well-known for bringing you to very best
quality in sunnies. Aside from eye protection, it is important that your sunglasses are stylish and
complement your outfit. The online retailer has many styles, so there will be something that suits you.

UV Protection

UV protection and polarized are not the same thing, and if you want total UV protection, you should
be looking for UV400, which is the best level of protection. Also, if you choose a wrap-around style,
this offers you the best UV protection, as this ensures that even the small gaps are covered.

Strength In All the Right Places

A good pair of polarized sunglasses would be almost unbreakable, with shatterproof frames and arms
that can be fully bent without breaking, plus the hinge screws will never come undone. A lot of
research and development has gone into sunglasses design. You can pretty much do what you like
and they will not break.

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If you would like to view stunning designer sunglasses, search online for a supplier and you can
order a few pairs.


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