Why Neon lighting is making a return on the wedding scene

Neon lighting has the ability to create a mood. It can generate an atmosphere and emotions that are the perfect blend of futuristic, clean and nostalgic, alls seemingly at the same time. It was only after the discovery and widespread use of Neon lighting that gave cities such as Las Vegas,
Paris and New York City the dazzling glow that we have come to know them for today.

But nowadays, they are making their way back into the design scene, with neon lights becoming more popular than ever before, particularly on the wedding scene. Is this a good thing? According to us, absolutely so.

It’s not just the amazingly cool blend of emotions and moods that the neon lighting can evoke, but they are also extremely practical, cost-effective, and make a great little item to remember from your own special wedding day. They were very popular in the 1990’s, yet seemingly died down for a little while, until the trend has become alive again in recent years. Nowadays, it has come back in fashion, and is more popular than ever before.

The glittering glow of a large neon sign is fundamentally irresistible. There are very few other wedding decoration props that can generate as much attention as a large neon lighting. What’s more is, when it comes to the design, the world is your canvas, and your options are truly endless.

Here are 6 other benefits of neon lighting, making it no surprise that there has been such growing popularity in recent years.

1. They are highly visible 

Neon signs are beautiful, attractive and eye-catching features that can bring the added “Wow” factor to your wedding venue. Since we are naturally drawn towards bright colours and lights in the dark, the installation of a neon sign will immediately attract huge amounts of attention in any part of the room that you wish. They can be used to compliment other interior decorations and vice versa, thanks to their supreme variety and flexibility.

2. Easy Set Up

Never before has it been so easy to get such a fabulous lighting and setting for your wedding event. Neon lights can be set up in absolutely no time at all. Our services will take all of the hassle and stress out of getting the perfect neon nightingale decoration for your big day, so you can focus on exactly what is most important for you, and that is enjoying your special occasion.

3. Freedom & flexibility

One huge benefit of using neon lighting is the ability to customise the design to your own needs. Of course, we understand that no two wedding settings are the same, therefore, we offer our customers the chance to create neon signs in almost any colour or design, to complement the existing colour scheme that you have in your venue. Our neon lighting services come in almost any shape or colour, meaning you can rest assured knowing that you don’t have to settle for second rate or inferior designs.

4. They are an eco-friendly option

For those of you who are interested in green efficiency and saving the planet, this is the best option for you. Generally speaking, the less energy that you will consume, the smaller carbon footprint is then generated.

5. They can be kept as a reminder of your special day 

When it comes to your wedding day, of course you want to have a set of special keepsakes that you can hold on to. There is truly nothing more spectacular to hold on to than the neon lighting that was at your wedding venue. It is a wonderful little memoir to keep from the day of your wedding, and not to mention that it makes for a fabulous decoration to have in your home (as long as it’s not too big) for a little while after to commemorate the special day.

6. Its energy efficient

If you choose to keep your neon lighting as a home decoration, you’ll be glad to know that it is highly energy efficient Not to get too deep into the science of it, but Neon is the fifth most abundant chemical in the entire world. Given its large abundance, it is no surprise then that neon is so affordable. These signs will also operate without any filament, which means it really doesn’t waste any electricity at all.

In conclusion then, it’s no surprise that neon lighting has made such a return to the wedding scene. There isn’t really any other interior decoration option which is so attractive, illuminating, yet so convenient and quick to set up. They are a beautiful way to draw attention to certain areas of the venue, and truly add that extra “Wow” factor to your venue.

Not just that, but you can even have your neon lighting option will be specifically tailored to match the decorations of your particular venue, making it as stress-free and enjoyable as possible while setting up.

Guest post from Trez Entertainments


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