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Festival Fancy Dress And Hogsozzle Ticket Giveaway

Hey Cats,

Spring is here and summer is only just around the corner which means one thing...FESTIVALS. Ever since I was a teenager I have loved going to festivals and over the years the range in new ones has just grown so much with something for everyone. One of the things I love about hem is when e…

Alternative Accessory Wishlist

Alternative Accessory Wishlist by kittykaos featuring dark lens sunglasses Killstar above the knee socks
£10 -

Iron fist shoes
£49 -

Killstar handbags purse
£31 -

Rock N Rose chains jewelry
£29 -

Sara M Lyons enamel brooch
£6.97 -

Spitfire …

April Beauty Empties

Have you used any of these products?

You Call That A Knife....This Is A Knife

Hey Cats,

Suckered you in with the hopes of crocodile Dundee didn't I? Well if you have been following my Instagram lately you would have seen a sea of lovely food. We are real foodies in the Kaos household and Mr K loves to cook. We get bored of eating the same thing again and again so try and…

How To Keep Motivated To Blog!

Hey Cats,

You start the day with the best intentions but somehow you find yourself procastrinating and then zap your motivation is just gone, Before you know it one day has rolled into another and you think how am I going to get my motivation back. I always get this song stuck in my head when I fee…

#FridayFright - The Woman Film Review

Hey Fiends,

Time to grab a gruesome bowl of treats and kick back with another horrifying flick.

If you haven't already joined the fun on Facebook Mr Kaos has a fright club you can all be a part of at Foxys Fright Club. Come and talk horror, share theories and find new films to watch with us. Ne…

Self Care And Well Being ft Resmed S+ Review

Hey Cats,

We often preach about how other people should remember they are beautiful, spend time lifting others and working out bums off to obtain our goals and amongst all of this we neglect the most important thing in self care....sleep. How many times have you stayed up late or gone to work on on…

Mr Singh's Vegetarian/Vegan Pizza Birmingham Review

Hey Foodies,

Recently I met up with my wifey and she took me out for dinner as a Birthday treat because she is super awesome. You should check out her Veggie/Vegan family blog. We decided to go get pizza at a place that Cherry had been to lots of times before. Mr Singh's has two locations in Bi…
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