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A to Z Of Inspirational Women...H is for

It has been a while I am bad I know! Lets get back into the swing of the A-Z of inspirational women. For any new readers you can catch up on old posts by using the tag. OK then doll face lets jump right into H.

As always I am ever enthused by women in art so lets start with  A woman who's art w…

Showing Some #PSbloggerlove For Channelling Liz

Hey Dolls! Today is a special day because all around social media and blogs I hope you will spot the hashtag #PSbloggerlove. Blogging isn't just about one view, countless outfit of the day posts and me ranting away. There is a huge sense of community that comes with it, especially in the plus …

Saving Money With Nutmeg

If you are anything like me seeing money sitting in your saving account can be so tempting. Especially when you see that oh so perfect dress you just have to have....that sits in your wardrobe for a good while gathering dust. With the economy slowly getting better by the day (*fingers crossed*), it…

Hell Bunny Forever Dead Dress Zombie Pin Up #OOTD

The other day I told you all about my night at Circus Of Horrors. What I didn't tell you was what I wore! I thought the fashion fans among you would appreciate the outfit getting it's own spotlight. I actually won this dress from the gorgeous Agoraphobic Fashionista. I couldn't believe …

Circus Of Horrors - Night Of The Zombie

Ever since I was a teenager I saw posters for Circus of Horrors but never really got round to going to see a show. So on a whim when it came up on 'Group-on' that Circus Of Horrors would be in Wolverhampton and with a name like Night of the Zombie I just had to go. At £11 a ticket it was a …

Birmingham Street Art #5

Fight Censorship With Music Freedom Day

Happy music freedom day!

Music is something we hear every day. I am extremely passionate about music and always in awe of the creativity and talent it can unleash. Music freedom day is not only an international celebration of expression but also a time to show solidarity and support to musicians al…
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