An Adventure In London Games, Cockatils and Sushi

Hey Cats,

London has always been the place to be that gets all the first choices on everything be it dining experiences, shows or days out. You will always find these trends and experiences hitting London first. In fact sometimes you can be too spoiled for choice and have no idea what to choose but…

Green Your Beauty Routine

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Going green in as many ways as possible is very popular. People are very aware of trying to save the planet and being eco-friendly is touching every part of our lives. Even beauty routines can be made green, with just a few simple steps.

Use Multi-Purpose Products
Now that fewer beauty produ…

How To Improve Your SEO?

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New year also means time for a revamp of your blog right? Revamps don't always need to be pretty changes to the layout or a direction. Maybe you love what you're writing but just don't seem to be getting the hits then maybe you need to look at your SEO

What is SEO?

SEO stands f…

Luxuries That Make Uni Halls Bareable

Hey Cats

So holiday is over and it is almost time for you to go back to university the thought of leaving that big comfy bed at home for your dorm room seems crazy right? (if you aren't in uni then check out bright minds online school online high school classes) You can bring a few home luxuries…

5 Reasons To Go To Las Vegas

Hey Cats,

From as long as I can remember I have always wanted to visit Las Vegas . I still haven't managed to make the trip just yet but am so excited about the idea still that I just need to make this happen. To me Las Vegas is full of tacky wonder , lights and excitement.

The Shows

Everywhere …

Taking The Next Step With Your Business And Finding A Work Space

Hey Cats,

The world is now booming with entrepreneurs from bloggers to re sellers, we are all getting more savvy with making money and growing our business. However this means that we are often working from home and that means we need to set clear lines between what is business time and home relaxi…

3 Mistakes We All Make When Moving Home

Hey Cats,

The new year is here and for lots of people I am sure this means packing up and moving somewhere new. I have moved a fair share of times before I settled where I am now so have learnt a fair few things like all the things to do and all the things not to do also! Pheonix moving company to …

Building A Successful blog in 2019!

Hey Cats,

So the first thing you need to think when trying to create a successful blog is that your blog is actually a business. If you don't make money from it that is fine but still take a tip from successful business men and women like Roland Dickey Jr  and Laura Rea Dickey of Dickeys Franch…
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