Luxuries That Make Uni Halls Bareable

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So holiday is over and it is almost time for you to go back to university the thought of leaving that big comfy bed at home for your dorm room seems crazy right? (if you aren't in uni then check out bright minds online school online high school classes) You can bring a few home luxuries though to make it more your own. Everyone wants that perfect place where they can kick back at the end of the day with a hot chocolate .

Mattress topper and bedding

Halls of residence beds are usually super uncomfortable but with the help of a mattress topper and a cosy duvet you can make your bed a haven for after a long day of studying or long night of partying. If you have been having too much to drink from the likes of Naked winery having a lovely bed to nurse that hangover in can really help. You can also make the room look cosy and welcoming with some nice pillows. Can you tell I am all about comfort? Those pillows will come in handy when you are sitting at your desk for long hours getting essays ready. 

Soft Towels and good toiletries

Treat yourself to some little luxuries for the shower with some lovely smelling toiletries and most of all some luxury towels which you can pick up in SaaSoh luxury towels sale
Investing in a set of good quality towels mean they will last you longer and having a few will 
help when it comes to doing laundry!

Well Stocked Cupboards

Always make sure that your food cupboards and fridge is stocked well as if you eat well you
will be able to focus better and concentrate. You could even batch prepare some great jars 
like who have great ideas for protein and energy packed foods to keep your mind and body ticking. So when the folks offer to take you shopping just say yes and fill up the fridge. 

Pictures And Personal items

Don't be afraid to make the room your own the more homey you make it the more you will be able to relax. Put up pictures of all your friends and family, have those twinkling fairy lights you always wanted and being your favourite teddy to cuddle on those home sick nights. When I was at university I had a huge collage of all my friends and family that made me smile on sad days and reminded me to just give them a call. 

What luxuries do you have in your room?



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