Change Your Look Without The Commitment #AD

Hey Cats,

I have an amazing wish list for you sponsored by divatress but all opinions are my own.

The biggest change we can make is in our hair and it is inane how a new hair cut or even a colour can make a massive difference in our look. Lots of colour on the hair can become damaging though and if…

Home Improvements That Make A Difference

Hey Cats,

When you fill your home with lovely decorations does it give you the urge to redecorate in the new year. We moved to Derbyshire a almost two years ago now and are only just getting our stamp on the house. Some changes can be small but you can also make a major change that will make your ho…

Does she like me? How you will know.

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So lads you want to know if that special lady you’re into likes you back and is on the same page but you haven’t a clue? If you haven’t met your match yet check out  local dating sites like Tayside singles, Nottingham dating, Bedfordshire dating, Belfast dating or Hertfordshire dating sit…

Gift Guide For Her

Hey Cats,

Are you looking for a gift for the lady in your life? From partner to sister I got you covered with an array of affordable but luxury gifts. Buying presents can be so stressful trying to find original gifts that look and make the person feel that little bit extra special.

For the foodie …

Swanky Swans Mini Haul and Review

Hey Cats,

I was contacted by the lovely people over at Swanky Swans and asked if I would like to review a few products. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of choice available. Swanky Swans is a fast growing indie business that sell fun accessories and have some stunning bands. They stock a …

How You Will Know That He Likes You

Hey Cats,

So you have been romancing that guy over on that dating site like Shropshire singles, Staffordshire singles or Strathclyde singles and you have been on a few dates but are not sure what signs to look out for to show he likes you. Chances are if you made it to a second date he already like…

What Is Romance?

Hey Cats,

The lovely people over at We Love Dates asked me what I think of Romance. You can find lots of lovely local dating sites through them such as Isle of man dating, Linconshire dating, and Berkshire dating.

Romance is such a funny thing, we see it in films and books depicted as being these h…

How To Stay Out Of Debt This Christmas

Hey Cats,

Christmas is a magical time of year but it can also be really stressful as it revolves around spending money. So I am going to give you some tips on how to stay out of debt this Christmas. I am all about money saving especially with saving for a wedding.

Set A budget

We spoke about budgeti…

Cleanse That Dating Profile

Hey Cats,

It is almost the end of the year where we get all reflective and start setting goals and cleansing our lives. So why should our dating lives be any different? A common mistake many online daters make is to set up their profile and then just leave it at that. Seriously though we add our fa…

Sparkle This Christmas With Quiz

Hey Cats,

It seems like forever since I have talked fashion and that is something we need to rectify. The lovely people over at Quiz asked me if I would like to try an outfit from their Christmas sequin dresses and I jumped at the chance to try something new and have a stylist pick me an outfit. I…

Date ideas For The Mature Dater Around The UK

hey Cats,

Love is for everyone and I am a firm believer that you’re never too old to fall in love or even just enjoy meeting people and indulging in some Senior dating sites. Online dating is a fantastic way to chat to new people outside of your circle. Once you have met them you may be wondering w…

Tips For Decorating This Christmas On A Budget

Hey Cats,

The best thing about Christmas besides sharing time with the ones you love is getting your house all festive and pretty. It can cost a fortune if you let it but it really doesn’t have to. I love doing a bit of diy to just add those little touches to your home and the best thing is you can…

4 Alternative Christmas Songs For The Jolly Season

Hey Cats,

It is the season to be breaking out all the classic Christmas tunes and really getting in the Christmas spirit. There is nothing more I love than putting up Christmas decorations and wrapping presents while singing along to some festive anthems. However if you have worked in retail like m…
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