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4 Alternative Christmas Songs For The Jolly Season

Hey Cats,

It is the season to be breaking out all the classic Christmas tunes and really getting in the Christmas spirit. There is nothing more I love than putting up Christmas decorations and wrapping presents while singing along to some festive anthems. However if you have worked in retail like me then you certainly have heard enough Mariah to send you loco so if you are looking for some new artists to add to blast from your Panasonic Speaker System then stay tuned.

You may remember me raving about a Masked Intruder gig and it will come as no surprise that their Christmas EP makes my Christmas playlist. If you just want to dip your toe into the alternative scene but want harmonies with your guitars then these guys are for you. Dreamy boy band vibes with a different they will have you swooning with their tales of unrequited love. Under the mistletoe will have you singing along and wanting to get those presents wrapped so you can dance the night away.

If you want to keep on that chilled vibe with a country blues twang then Wanda Jackson’s - Merry Christmas Baby is next up. Wanda Jackson is a complete badass a rockabilly American singer from the 50s/60s and her songs will get you up and shaking about. This one is a relaxed number for Wanda so pull up the one you love under the mistletoe and have a slow dance and a smooch.

All good Christmas songs have one thing in common and it is being able to sing along at the top of your voice. Dropkick Murphys are an Irish punk band who’s whole discography is about singing loud and proud. “The Seasons upon us” is no exception to that rule and will have you singing and laughing at dysfunctional Christmas tales. If your family likes to have a bit of a different Christmas or they may be a bit out there but you still love them then this is the track you will all be singing loud and proud this Christmas. Added bonus they are touring next year so if you are looking for a Christmas present for the punk in your life then grab some tickets to their spring tour.

Everyone who is anyone knows this song and no matter how much I hear it I can never get bored of it. In fact it doesn’t feel like Christmas unless you have drunkenly song along to this track at least a handful of times. You got it The Pouges featuring Kirsty MacColl “Fairytale of New York” I have a feeling this one is going to be around forever. It has everything you could want from a Christmas song you can dance to it, sing loud with the ones you love and even the grumpiest of your family and friends will be singing by the end.

If you want to check out more of what we will be rocking out to this Christmas check out our playlist. What are your favourite alternative Christmas songs?



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