Taking The Next Step With Your Business And Finding A Work Space

Hey Cats,

The world is now booming with entrepreneurs from bloggers to re sellers, we are all getting more savvy with making money and growing our business. However this means that we are often working from home and that means we need to set clear lines between what is business time and home relaxing time. For myself I find this an important factor in being able to be productive.

Work space At Home

You need to create a space at home where you can not only work but ideally be able to shut the door to work sometimes. If you have the room to have an office at home that you can close the door to when you're not working then that is amazing, Not everyone has that luxury but if you can create an area that is yours to work in you will find that you can be much more productive in getting work done free from distraction. Lots of people convert spare rooms, garages, sheds and even attics into fun functional work spaces.

Move to an office

 If your business is a stock led business then you really do need the space to thrive and not clutter up your home. If you have that office space then that is amazing but especially in family homes sometimes there just isn't the space. If your business is doing well then it may be time to invest in some office space. Office moving from your home to an actual space of your own while pricey means that you get a clear definition between work and home which can really help with stress levels. It also makes it easier to employ staff, hold meetings and not have your stock all over your house which then will help you be more productive at work. There are lots of movers that can help you make the big move just search near me and look for local companies.

Hot Desking

If your business is not stock related so you don't need to have an office but you still want to define work and home time then you can try hot desking. This could be as simple as going to your local library or even coffee shop to just use a space outside of home to get into your work head space or there are companies who offer desk space. You can rent these by the hour or day and some cities are even lucky enough to have a creative space where creatives can hot desk together which helps with networking.

Where do you find you work best?



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