Building A Successful blog in 2019!

Hey Cats,

So the first thing you need to think when trying to create a successful blog is that your blog is actually a business. If you don't make money from it that is fine but still take a tip from successful business men and women like Roland Dickey Jr  and Laura Rea Dickey of Dickeys Franchise fame. What has that got to do with blogging you may be asking? Blogging and any business have the same goal in mind and that is to be the best in their field and Roland Dickey Jr has the drive and determination that any successful business person needs.

Know your market

Know your direction and who you're aiming your blog at, I personally suck at this as I love to dip my toe into lots of areas. Some bloggers separate their content into different blogs so they can really home in on their audience with fashion on one blog, advice on another and blogging tips on a blog related blog.  Check out lifestyle done right and this fab book review by Scrapbook blog.This is great and if you really want to be known for one thing and get successful this is the way to do it. Although juggling a lot of blogs can be very time consuming you can still get that feel and blog varied content on one blog,

If you know your audience then you can reach out to them and let them know you write about lots of things but you have a place for them right here. This is where your categories are important. The most important tool for any lifestyle blogger is to make the different content easy to find. Someone may only be interested in your fashion content and if you have it all on one place they can jump to it easily. That way if someone comes to your homepage to read a post they can see quickly that you write about a varied range of subjects and they may read another post about something different.

Do your research

Ask your readers what they would like to see more of on your blog! It is that easy, where do you interact with them most? You can use a survey site or a poll on social media to do a little research into who reads your blog, where they access it from and even if people on social media even know you have one. This can also give you an idea on the range of people who read your content and what they enjoy the most. This data is vital in helping you put a plan together on what you need to work on next. If you discover that your twitter followers didn't know you have a blog then talk to them about it share your posts more and create that conversation.

Interact and be present

Interact with your readers and make them feel the valued people they are. Always take the time to respond to comments and questions asked. Use your social media as often as possible connecting with people more will means they want to come back and chat and learn more about what you have to tell them which is why people enjoy reading blogs because it is a real opinion from a real person and not just a package put together in an office.

How will you make your blog successful in 2019?



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