P Louise Bad B*tch Energy juice ‘pop your cherry’ lip kit Review

P Louise have been super popular especially for their branding. They are killing it on the make up scene but I was yet to try them. So I treated myself and bought a ‘Bad bitch energy juice’ kit as I had heard amazing things about them. P Louise feel like your bestie who just wants you to be your best self! Yes grrrl sign me right up! 

The packaging for their products is so on point this lip kit comes in an adorable juice box complete with straw! I just adore all the slogans like “Suck it up - remember you’re a bad b*tch”. The ‘pop your cherry’ comes in a gorgeous pink colour box with lots of cherries. It's hard not to be excited to open it up. Even when you do open the cute juice box the pink boxes that greet you stay on brand! 

In each juice box you get a lip conditioner and lip oil. A great combination to help protect your lips especially in this hot weather we have been having. It’s really important to always look after your lips and skin in the heat so finding the right products is really important. The cutest thing on the conditioner packaging says “for attractive lips speak words of kindness”. I love that sentiment. It's so true it’s free to be kind to people. 

The lip conditioner has been really popular over on TikTok. It comes attached to a clip so you can take it everywhere with you clip it to your bag, keys or belt loop so there’s no excuse to go unhydrayed. This product is meant to soothe dry lips, lock in moisture and improve texture. In my day job it gets super dry and the first thing to suffer is my lips so this sounds just perfect. A lot of lip balms fully dry out your lips more so a lip conditioner is what I need. The formula is really light and smooth and doesn’t feel greasy so it's really easy to wear and I only needed a small amount to cover my whole lips. Apparently you can also use this product as a primer too but I am yet to test that out. 

The next product you get is the ‘Cherry on top’ lip oil. Again the packaging is so cute you're going to want to pull it out to apply it just to look cuter! A crown to remind you that you’re a queen so treat yourself like one! I love a glossy lip look but it usually comes with your lips sticking to every hair the wind blows your way. The formula on this feels thick and it gives a lush clear glossy look without the stickiness. Again when it’s on your lips feel super protected and hydrated. 

The scent on both of these is lovely, a kind of cherry sweets smell that’s not too sickly or overpowering. If you keep your eye out you can grab these in deals either by buying a bundle of different flavours or they sometimes come in the mystery boxes which look amazing and definitely next on my list of things to try. 


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