Get paid for walking and getting in your daily steps with these apps

Lately I have been feeling sluggish and stuck in a rut so I thought I would get my step count up and be a little more active. The recommended steps a day is 10000 so I have challenged myself to hit this goal every day. Work had us get a new app that tracks your steps and rewards you as part of our benefits package and it got me wondering if there were more out there like this! I found three great apps so far that will not only count your steps but also give you rewards back for hitting your goals. I currently use an iPhone and connect my health app but you can sync your Fitbit or Apple Watch to your phone for a more accurate reading. 


Wayward gives you in the in app currency of ‘wards’ you can earn these for up to 20000 steps a day. I have been just making sure I do at least 10000. You also have a chance to get more wards for meeting challenges like converting your steps between certain times, converting your steps for a week and other little challenges to keep you coming back to your app. There are also surveys, playing games and inviting friends. It’s actually a fun app to use to track your steps. The wards can be cashed in for vouchers, gifts or the best one just cash! For me this is easy money just earning by doing something you already do every day! You can also get points for cashback by buying items you were already going to buy. Join me on WeWard and start earning money by walking! Start with 150 Wards directly into your Wards balance with my referral code: KELL-xsMEG You have 48 hours to use it once your account is created. Take the first step and download WeWard:

The next app I have been using is Cashwalk it’s pretty much the same deal walk and get rewarded for your steps. You earn coins which you can also open daily boxes to get more coins. There are three boxes which you can open but you do have to watch an advert for these and then you get a random allocation of coins. Coins on this app can be cashed in for gift cards for places like Amazon, Uber, Tesco, Starbucks and more. So walk and earn that next coffee for free! Coins build up quickly too on this app.

The last app I have been using is Sweatcoin. This will reward you for up to 10000 points for free but you can purchase a premium pack which I didn’t do. I am happy with 10000 rewards with this one as you collect Sweatcoins you can also spin a daily wheel which will reward you with a multiplier for your coins. There is also a 20 min daily boost so if you know you’re going to be more active at a certain point you can activate boost and it will double your step reward for that 20 mins. The only downfall with this one that I can see is that you need a lot of coins to redeem and then it’s for offers, donating or bidding on better prizes but again if you keep it in the background check it at the end of the day then you will build up points in no time. 

Are there any other apps that you use for rewarding your steps? 


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