An Adventure In London Games, Cockatils and Sushi

Hey Cats,

London has always been the place to be that gets all the first choices on everything be it dining experiences, shows or days out. You will always find these trends and experiences hitting London first. In fact sometimes you can be too spoiled for choice and have no idea what to choose but there is a great website you can use to help you narrow your choices down. So if you know what kind of food you want to eat or what drinks you want it is easy to narrow down into categories. Check out Rhian’s thoughts on the new Watford London Walkabout..

When I am planning a trip to London there is usually something I want to go and see. There was a stunning art show back in November which featured Frida Kahlo's wardrobe and I just adore art shows like this. Right now. At the moment the Victoria and Albert museum who featured the same show has a stunning display of video game design and the culture around this world. Being a gaming nerd and just loving all the graphic design work that has evolved through computer games this sounds like the perfect excuse to go visit London.

All the choice in London as a visitor can sometimes become very daunting and so using a website like squaremeal helps plan a trip better. You can pop in where you're visiting by area or landmark so in my case the Victoria and Albert museum and find great places to drink and dine around there. After a day trekking around awesome shows you definitely work up an appetite. I am a big fan of checking out new places and knowing my budget ahead of time so I love that you can go by the money you want to spend and see what awards they have won. You can even book a table to save you showing up and missing out on getting to dine at the place of your choice. I found two great places I would just have to hit up before running for the train home!

How cute does this place look? After a day of checking out computer games it would be criminal not to go grab Japanese food they are after all the pioneers of amazing games and bring us some amazing culture. Tokyo Sukiyaki-Tei promises great sushi and sake. With great reviews and just check out how cute the place looks too. I just adore Japanese cuisine and getting lots of little sharing plates to share with your friends or love is just so special. I really am a big believer in food bringing people together. After sake I always want more drinks and need to hit up cocktails.

The Mermaid cockail and oyster bar looks just amazing and hello how can you not want to go to a place with mermaid in the name. After dining on sushi you want cocktails that are going to compliment the sea food so this is a great place to go even if you are just looking for cosy drinks. I think I would have to sample some oysters too though to get the full experience. I just adore how intimate and chic this place looks it would be a great date night and they say oysters are an aphrodisiac so if you're looking to swoon your date then this is the place to end a wonderful day out.

where would you go in London for the day?



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