10 Tips To Get Better Quality Sleep

Hey Cats, 

Sleep is a magical thing that when we are young we all try and fight. Sleep loss can have so many negative effects on our body from stress levels to being more prone to illness. My sleep pattern has wavered over the years but I have some great tips on things that have worked for me to get that beauty sleep. Quality sleep is important for helping your body regenerate, stay healthy and fight infections.

Get More Bright Light 

Bright light actually has lots of positive effects on our body and getting enough bright light during the day helps your body. We need bright light to help our bodies to function and we naturally recognise this as daytime when we should be awake. If you’re able to go out for a walk even if it’s not a sunny day then do; alternatively sit in the garden. If both of these aren’t an option for you then a great way to get in some bright light without leaving home is to switch to daylight bulbs. These help you get that bright light in but I suggest if you’re going to use this option to switch to laps or mood lighting in the evening when you’re winding down. Research has shown getting 2 hours of bright light a day can help improve your sleep by equal amounts. 

Less Blue light 

Yes you know it too much screen time in the evening can impact your sleep levels because of the blue light. The light tricks your body into thinking it’s still day time. Try and limit your screen time to at least 2 hours before bedtime. If you want to beat the system with this there are apps or even glasses you can get to block out the blue light. This is one I know I am bad at as we all love a Netflix binge in bed but instead of watching one more episode try listening to an audio book so your not looking at that screen.

Ditch Caffeine / Alcohol (in the evening)  

Who needed a better excuse for day drinking eh? Alcohol will lead you to have broken sleep wether it’s waking up with dehydration or just not getting to sleep. Caffeine will stimulate your nervous system making it difficult to naturally relax. If you still want a hot drink switch to cocoa or decaf it’s not as bad as you think. Plus who needs an to be told twice to break out the hot chocolate? I’m a big fan of malt based hot drinks or honey and camomile tea in the evening. Make the switch for a week and see if it makes any difference to your sleep.


If you try and get yourself into a regular routine of when you wake up and go to bed your body will naturally adapt. During lockdown I have been trying to still get up at 8am every day even if it’s just to chill and have a brew. 

With routine it’s also great to have a relaxing wind down routine for bed. Have a warm bath, meditate, read but most of all find something that works for you and build it into a bedtime routine. I love having a bath/shower, doing my night skincare and settling with a book or podcast. ASMR videos can really help people relax too or just calming sea or rain have often helped me drift to sleep. 

Bedroom Environment 

If you’re still struggling to sleep have a look at your bedroom. Declutter make sure it’s simple and cosy. Having a messy room can make it hard to relax so try and have a system in place even if it’s only in the bedroom. Get rid of any big furniture you don’t need freeing up space to just feel free and relaxed. 

Other things you need to consider about your room is temperature if it’s too hot break out a fan. Black out blinds are also great for stopping the light leaking in and disturbing your sleep. This is especially great in the summer when it’s light very early. 


Make sure your mattress is comfortable as this can help you prevent a bad back. If you can’t afford to replace your mattress you can pick up great toppers reasonably cheap these days and they can make you feel like you have a whole new bed. 

Regularly wash and replace bedding fresh sheets always improve my sleep especially when it’s been super hot. Fold your sheets down during the day to help keep them fresh. You could also try a weighted blanket as they have been recommended as great for releasing anxiety. 


There are so many ways you can get CBD products these days. From tasty gummy bears to capsules. CBD has been proven to help improve sleep and helping people unwind. This is especially good for those who suffer from pain or if you get really restless. I find CBD helps me feel less anxious so instead of laying awake wondering why Sharon in primary school hated me I relax and sleep. You can take this in many forms like edibles, where the onset time is slower than vape products and they are discreet enough for on-the-go use.

Pillow Sprays 

There are some great products such as pillow spray or roller balls that you can use to encourage great sleep. Since the age of time people have been using lavender to aid their sleep and now you can get a range of products that promise to do just this. Roller balls work by rolling into pressure points like your wrist and they release calming scents where pillow spray you can spritz directly onto your bedding. Check you like the smell first as we all respond to different smells in different ways. 

Eye Masks 

A great way to block light and help you sleep is to use an eye mask. Some even come with built in wireless headphones which you can use to listen to white noise. These are great for when your travelling and can’t control your bedroom environment as much but I also know plenty of people who use these every night and wouldn’t be without them. 

Track Your Sleep 

If you’re unsure why your not sleeping then keep a track on your sleep. You can track sleep on lots of smart devices these days or you can just keep a sleep log on your phone or in a diary. Tracking your sleep can be really useful as you can then pick up on any patterns. You may find it’s simple things like not drinking enough water that day or you may pick up anxieties you were unsure of. By tracking your sleep and picking out those common factors you can make changes and see what works for you best. 

What are your tips for getting a great night sleep? 


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