May Favourites - Beauty, Games and More

Hey Cats,

May has been an interesting month with its ups and downs but I have had discovered lots of thing I have really enjoyed. I wanted to share them with you and why not comment below what your favourites have been this month?


We have had so much time on our hands to catch up with our favourite shows and I recently shared series I have been enjoying on Netflix and Prime. Since bingeing those ‘Dead To Me’ released a second season which I was so excited to hear about. I watched the whole series in just 2 days and was not disappointed. Although this series has lots of crazy twists and turns it also has an oddly uplifting feeling and you route for the women even when they make bad choices. If you haven’t checked this out yet it’s about two women whose life cross there’s death, crime and secrets along the way with so many twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat. The second season left on a real cliffhanger so now we wait in anticipation for the next one.


I have also been using the time in lockdown to catch up with some reading. I look part in a Books for the brave readathon last week which was so much fun and I really wanted to share more books with you. My favourite book was “True History of The Kelly Gang” by Peter Carey. I listened to this on an audiobook and learnt so much about Ned Kelly. It’s all told from the perspective of Ned Kelly himself in the form of a diary to his daughter. You hear from early life to late all the crime sprees he went on, his love for his family and how corrupt the law really was. I really recommend this one for all true crime lovers and the audiobook gives it a special feel.


I was lucky enough to get the chance to try some Cranes Cider as I was gifted a lovely cider set. I am a keen cider drinker and relished the opportunity to soak up some sun and kick back. Cranes cider has a lovely fruity taste which is naturally sweetened so they are naturally lower in calories. The gift set comes with all three flavours which are blueberry & apples, cranberries & lime and Raspberries & pomegranate. You also get a really lovely glass too which is handy to fill with ice in a hot day to enjoy your favourite flavour, mine was raspberries & pomegranate for sure but they were all really delicious. I find some ciders to be too strong but you don’t taste the alcohol in these which makes them easy to drink. This gift pack makes a great gift for anything like upcoming Father’s Day or even just to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

Beauty product 

Although I love the banana range from Body Shop which will always be a firm favourite, I had wanted to try a solid shampoo for a while. So I picked up the shine on shampoo bar on Amazon which was suggested for coloured hair. It has coconut oil to condition and soften the hair whilst the henna extract and juniper help add shine and sleekness. It’s really easy to use and you really don’t need a lot, you just lather in your hand as use this to wash your hair. I was so surprised with how shiny and soft my hair was after using this considering my hair has been bleached. I really love this product and am a total solid shampoo convert.


While everyone is finding turnips on Animal Crossing I have been living the life of a cowboy! Red Dead Redemption 2 has become really popular in our household. Me and the Mr have been taking turns in shoot outs or relaxing by going fishing in beautiful surroundings. I had played the first game and enjoyed it but really think they went all out for the second living a life bonding with our lovely horse and finding family in a difficult world. Red dead Redemption 2  is an open world game with heaps to explore and discover. I love feeling like I am going on a big adventure and finding beautiful spots to go camping. You even get to hunt alligators and a number of other amazing animals all of which is just a side to the main storyline.

What have been your favourites this month?

*post contains affiliate links and cider was gifted all views are my own


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