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Good Things - Manuka Honey Radiance Face Mask

Hey Loves,

It is no secret what today's post is about. If you saw my last empties video you would have seen I mentioned an amazing face mask I used recently and I wanted to tell you a bit more. 

I received a sample of the Good Things Manuka Honey Radiance Facemask  in one of my last You Beauty boxes. I hadn't heard of Good Things before and am always excited to try new things. I try and make sure I put facemasks into my skincare routine at least once every two weeks. This works for me but means I get bored of all the same of face masks all the time. My favourites are usually lush masks which I have spoke about on the blog before. I love honey so this mask sounded super appealing to me. 

 Manuka honey is blended with white clay  and beeswax to make a brightening and refreshing mask. Straight off the smell is amazing. If you're not a fan of honey  then you are not going to want to smother your lovely face in this but to me honey is heavenly. 

A pale oatmeal colour with a real easy consistency to work with. You only need a small amount to do the job and honestly my tiny sample lasted me 6 uses! A full sized 100ml comes in at £5.99 but I think that is really reasonable considering the amount of use I had from a mere 0.5 fl oz. Made with natural ingredients too so suitable for vegetarians and environment lovers. The mask left my skin feeling hydrated and people even commented on how great my skin looked. I will be checking out more from the Good Things range in the future. 

Have you tried anything from Good Things? 


  1. Hello. Stopping by from Tales of an M.E. Mummy. :) I love Good Things. It's the only skincare brand that doesn't flare my skin up and make it red. I've used all my manuka honey face mask up so thank you for reminding me to get some more! I also use the manuka honey cleanser and moisturiser. :)



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