Dating Around The UK

Hey Cats,

Have you visited any of the places from my previous posts yet? Well let me add a few more to the list! Lets jump straight in ...


Now this one is close to my heart as you know last year I moved to beautiful Derbyshire even though I didn't meet my Mr on Derbyshire dating site we have has plenty of dates around Derbyshire. There are so many beautiful places to go walking in Derbyshire but if you want a nice scenic stroll the monsal trail is very popular especially for those dog lovers amongst you! You can even rent a bike and have a ride up the trail. You may even get lucky and spot my friends alpacas in their field as lots of beautiful farmland backs onto the trail. The trail leads to Bakewell and you know you can't resist popping into my shop to say hi and there are some beautiful tea rooms I personally love the Lavender tea rooms.


For all those lovers who met on Dorset dating site why not take your date on a forest adventure! Exploring the naturally beautiful forest away from the busy crowds and stunning wildlife like donkeys, ponies and deer to catch a site of. Plus you always seem to stumble on quaint little country pubs on adventure walks or even drives. You can even rent a log cabin and really make a romantic weekend of it. If the forest isn't for you then hit the beach and catch some rays.


Heading north for all those who have been exploring Tayside dating site treat your date like a prince/princess and visit Glamis castle. You can explore the gardens by day and even go on a ghost hunt at night you may get lucky and send shivers up your dates spine and have them running for your arms. Exploring places of great history can always be fun and give you a talking point.

Isle Of Man

For all those Isle of Man dating site visitors there are lots of beautiful places to explore but for those who want to take in some scenery from a different prospective why not strap on a life vest and take your date sea kayaking. Feel more adventurous and get wet and wild work up a hunger and then take your date for some delicious sea food on the coast.


For another historic but super creepy and weirdly interesting adventure then I have just the thing for all those Gurensey dating site fans. Guernsey is home to a an attraction that isn't for everyone but my fellow history buffs will love exploring the German underground hospital. If the date doesn't go well at least you had a history lesson and learnt something new.

Have you ever visited any of these places?



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