Season For Murder A does Morris family mystery book review literally Pr Book Tour

 Literally Pr were kind enough to let me take part in another book tour. If you follow me on TikTok you would have already seen this book featured in my book mail. The book in question is “A season for Murder - a Fitz Morris family mystery”. When I read the line “Enjoy a visit to the idyllic Cotswolds where the blackberry jam is delicious, the pumpkins are ripe and a killer is plotting death” it just gave me full on cozy mystery vibes. 

Anna A Armstrong does a great job setting a cozy scene. I can just picture the village and all the local shops from the deli to the pub to the village hall. You feel fully immersed in the world which helps you feel part of the community. You can find out more about Anna A Armstrong over on Twitter @thecotsworldwriter and literally pr over at @literallypr

There is a wide range of characters and families dotted around the village and my favourite is the quirky Grandma Dee who has a dancing daughter Zara who is crushing on the local policeman while her hoth student daughter Amelia crushes on his younger partner. Dee is the glue to the community; she cares about everyone and helps with relationship advice, blackberry jam cravings and even solving the mystery. 

The character that brings an edge to the story though is Vivian the mastermind behind all murder and mayhem around town. There is a unique perspective as we see things sometimes through her eyes and hear her inner thoughts,  instead of trying to figure out who the criminal is we already know. So you find yourself just urging the town to figure it out and almost shouting at the book when Vivian is out to hurt someone.

The book isn’t just about crime and deviance though there are lots of romantic subplots such as Vivian’s nephew Tristan and his pretend fiancé Emily this is a full on one bed troupe with a love triangle too! There are marriages that need fixing and family dramas. 

This is a fun read that keeps you interested all the way through whether it’s for the crime or romance you decide. 


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