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Artificial Wisdom Book Review

When I read the tag line for ‘Artificial Wisdom’ I was sold on sci-fi techno thriller. I’m not usually a big sci-fi reader but I loved Bladerunner and the blurb was giving me those vibes. This book actually delivered so much more than I expected and I looked forward to turning every page. 

To set the scene the year is 2050 the world is in a climate crisis with humidity levels unbearable and fatal in some instances. There’s a huge scandal involving a whole nation of deaths and Marcus Tully the hard hitting truth hunting journalist wants to get to the bottom of what really happened to his wife who died along with a whole country. Meanwhile the world is voting for a dictator. Will it be former president Lockwood or the artificial intelligence Solomon. 

The world created for Artificial Wisdom is so creative and immersive. If someone told me we would be able to create our own artificial mind spaces to escape to I wouldn’t believe it but somehow the book makes you believe all these new advances and creations that the future has brought with it. This world brought my imagination to life and made me want to find out more. I even found myself finding trust and a reliance on the machines and artificial intelligence of the world. 

There are lots of fun characters to explore all with their own part to play. Tully’s team of misfits he takes on to help give the world the truth, master geniuses and of course Solomon himself. I felt Tully’s urgency to find the truth and his heartache and loss from losing his wife the emotions came across so raw. I feel like there’s a whole host of side truth seeking adventures this team could explore because I would love to get to know the team more. I am a sucker for a misfit gang storyline but this book had a more important and complex truth to uncover.

The usual reason I don’t read sci-fi or thriller is because I either don’t believe the world and find it too cheesy or see the plot coming a mile away. With Artificial Wisdom I felt like I was on an adventure right with Tully immersed and  I was shocked at every twist that hit along the way. There is so much scandal and mystery to uncover that it never gets boring. 

The author Thomas R Weaver is himself a tech entrepreneur so he knows what he is talking about when bringing in all the different kinds of technology. I love that one of his biggest inspirations to write the book was reading Roald Dahl’s BFG! Who wouldn’t want to read the works of a fellow Dahl fan? This is his Debut Novel and what a way to start with a big bang I am excited to see what comes next! 

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