2021 Is your year to look after you and here is how!

 Hey Kittens, 

Wow what a year 2020 was and it was and still is scary times. If you didn’t come out of the last lockdown with a new skill, read all the books you wanted to or even hardly ever got out of your pjs ....you know what same and that more than ok. Right now the world is a crazy place to be in and just existing and doing what you need to get through is enough right now. That’s why we don’t need to be setting ourself crazy New Years resolutions, last year we spoke about how it may be a new year but the same amazing you is all you need and that’s still true. I think the biggest thing we need to do this year is be kinder to ourselves and  each other. Self care is about more than bubble baths and faking until you make it so today I want to give you a few things you should do for yourself this year. Although bubble baths aside a good shower or even just a wash can make you feel a lot better. 

Drink water 

Staying hydrated is more important than you may think to your well being and damn are we bad at it. Water helps oxygen get round your body, lubricating your joint and giving you the best skin too. Feeling dehydrated can make you tired and low. I’m not saying water will cure all your worries but it will help look after you when you are low. I was the the worst at drinking enough water so I got myself a decent water bottle to remind me to drink. If apps are your thing there are even cute one where you grow plants ever time you log your water. In fact go drink a glass now I can wait....awesome well done!

Rest and work on your sleep

Sleep is super important and we don’t always have the luxury of being able to get enough. The world puts so much pressure on us to always be so busy, running from one place to another which is why people are struggling so much with lockdown. It’s ok to stop and rest something I have to remind myself all the time that just because we decided to sleep in or just rest that we aren’t being productive. Throw those thoughts in the bin, resting is vital for you and you deserve it. Sometimes turning off all alarms and just letting your body tell you when to wake up is well needed. If you can’t do that try getting in bed earlier at night even if it’s one night a week. Turn off all electrical distractions unless it’s music or an audio book and just let yourself rest. If you’re struggling to sleep try and get into a routine best you can for me it’s soft pjs, a bath or shower before bed and a podcast. Find what works best for you I did a post all about getting better sleep.

Journaling / Planning

A great way to channel creativity, get your thoughts down or simply plan your projects is to journal or use a planner. I’m a list kinda girl so I find when everything gets too much I grab my trusty notebook and write down all the things that need doing and then you can tackle one thing at a time. Emma Drew recently shared an amazing idea for breaking up to do lists using jars. You get a fun creative project and your todo list doesn’t seem so bad. Check out Emma’s YouTube for money saving tips and more.

If you like to draw or even just project planing treat yourself to a notebook for doodling, ideas or simply writing about how you’re feeling right now. 

Setting boundaries 

Now more than ever it’s important to consider your boundaries with people. Of course in the currently climate physical boundaries are really important but more on an emotional level. Do you have that one friend who always lays all their problems on you but doesn’t think about what you’re going through? Maybe it’s time to take a step back a little. Boundaries are really important and as much as you give to others you need to also give back to yourself. Saying no is just as valid as saying yes, it’s ok to not reply straight away or to take a day away from others just to recoup yourself. You can’t be the best version of you without rest. Loved ones will respect your boundaries you just need to communicate why you need to take some time out. 

Get moving

Ideally if you have a garden get outside walk about and get some fresh air. Sit outside for your morning coffee and listen to the birds, alternatively open up the windows and let a bit of the world in even if it’s just for 5 minutes. If you can go for a walk then that’s great if not pump your favourite tunes and dance, nobody is watching just break free and enjoy yourself. Get your blood pumping a little you don’t have to be a dancer to enjoy yourself. I haven’t been to clubs for the longest time even before lockdown but I was always first on the dance floor....can I dance? Hell no but who cares it’s so much fun and all that stress just leaves for that moment. If you need a bit more guidance there are some amazing inclusive workout classes like Missfit workout. Becky is amazing and after you will feel great too, no pressure once a week is fine.


The last year I have taken a step back from social media and I have to say I feel more present in my families lives and can now enjoy peoples content without comparing myself constantly. Even if it’s just for a few hours step away from not only social media but the internet in general it’s actually really refreshing. Even better if you stay away from your phone, tv and other electrical just do something for you. Moisturise, take some vitamins, just sit in your own company, do a fun craft or my favourite pick up a book. I love reading in the garden or by a big window so I can watch the world while I get lost in another and I always feel so much better after reading a book with a cup of tea. There’s a reason why a cup of tea makes everything better it’s because you’re taking 5 minutes out to think about a situation to get a bit of clarity or even just stepping away not to think about it for a brief time. 


Something I find helps clear my mind is having a declutter of things I haven’t used in some time. Getting rid of that make up that is almost done or just throwing away old notebooks that you haven’t looked at.at the moment a lot of charities are closed but there is no harm in getting a bag or two ready to support the, when they do open. Alternatively you can sell on eBay to get a bit of extra cash towards a rainy day or just to treat yourself. If you have a lot to declutter it can seem like an endless job so why not just choose to let go of one item a day or a bag a week. 


One of the most important things now as we can’t go and see friends and family is to stay connected. Drop a text, a phone call or a video call to your loved ones. This isn’t just important for you but those around you. Just checking in on someone can make a huge difference in their day. I know I love when I get a message even if it’s just a hey or how are you? Knowing that someone is thinking of you is an instant lift. So say hey to your friends even if you feel like it’s been a while. Right now is a great time to reconnect and bare with them if it takes them time to reply remember earlier when we said about taking time away or  how it’s ok to reply later if you just don’t have the headspace right now...it’s the same for others too. After moving away from Birmingham I felt friendships drift a little but recently we had a video call and we all realised we could have been doing this all along. We all fessed up on missing each other had a great catch up and now we all call regular. 


Just like we need quiet time it’s important to make sure you are looking after your other senses too. Lighting a nice candle with calming scents helps me feel cozy and more relaxed in an evening. Trying out different aromatherapy and finding out which scents are good for you can also help with sleeping, energy and so much more. 


Last but not least is being mindful and practicing meditation or reflective moments can really help with your mental health. You don’t have to sit cross legged and chant just give yourself space to think like we spoke about in journaling sometimes you just need to be able to hear yourself think or simply take a moment to just breathe. Take a deep breath in right now hold it for a moment just focus on that breath and release. Feels good doesn’t it? There’s lots of great guided meditation available find one that suits you and just be in the moment for a minute. If that’s not for you just lay and listen to music for a while music is really good for the soul. 

What easy self care do you practice? 


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