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New Year Same Amazing You - Why you don't need new years resolutions

Hey Cats,

It has been a hot minute since we have had a real talk about how amazing you are. This time of year can be really difficult to navigate through when suddenly our bodies become everyone's topic. When everyone at work can't help but comment on other peoples lunch or rave about how suddenly they are a temple of everything health. I am here to tell you that you don't have to feed into that negative dreaded D word. We all know January is stressful enough with us all stretching our bank accounts after the festive season so last thing we need is Susan raving about her cucumber cleanse.

You do not owe it to anyone to suddenly set resolutions to change yourself. We can talk another time about why diets are pretty much bullshit but that is not today Satan! Suddenly in January we feel the need to change and beat down on ourselves a little. I find that resolutions are rife with weight loss or just generally putting your life on hold until you have just finished this or that. Just promise me this... that your big goal this year wont be about losing pounds.

You can plan to be healthier in so many ways because health at every size is totally important both physical and mental. So hell yea take yourself on more walks, join an exercise class but don't starve yourself for anyone's applause. You are beautiful and need to be happy in yourself however you come. If you wind up finding a new hobby you love like taking a new fitness class that is inclusive and fun then great just move more and enjoy life without worrying about the size of your clothes. Remember though that health is not defined by your weight or activity level everyone is different and do not be pushed into changing yourself.

There is nothing wrong with setting goals to better yourself but really think about what it is you want. How will you feel if you don't achieve that goal? Will you hit January next year and hate on yourself for not achieving this? If the answer is yes then these are not the kind of goals you want to be setting for yourself.

Positive goal setting is a great thing to do and if that helps you stay motivated to get to where you want to be without damaging who you are right now then go for it. I love goals but this year I am just encouraging myself to read more, spend time with people I love and just do fun things with my year. You can follow what I will be reading over on goodreads or Instagram. I also want to talk to you more tell me about the things you love reading about. In my experience blogging and you tube can be a place where you second guess yourself a lot and if you blog just know it is ok to not but new every two seconds and follow your own trends.

If you have a big goal you want to aim for then break it down into little goals to help lead you to achieve it. If you are a stationary nerd like me then you will enjoy tracking these goals and it will keep you on track. Little goals help damage control if something does go wrong. You can find it easier to get back on track if you need to take a break.

A great example would be if you want to travel more. You shouldn't leave yourself bankrupt just to see that place everyone is raving about but if there is somewhere you really want to go and you can save to go and not come home to crippling bills that you can't manage then go for it. Seeing the world is an amazing thing be it on your doorstep or the other side of the ocean.

If you must set a resolution then make it to love yourself,  listen to your limits and take time to rest when you need to and drink some water! Your mental health is important, your happiness matters and you are important.

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