Choosing the right fonts for personal and commercial use

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In a digital world one thing we all take for granted is fonts. Yes you heard me fonts… the kind I’m writing with right now. Making written words look aesthetically pleasing, clear and easy to read all comes down to taking the time to pick the correct font. The style can help us convey a message quickly and easily.

Creating the correct typography is a talent and there are many great websites who cater in typeface. I am going to tell you about the top ten great places where you can find the best fonts for wedding invitations, business or just leisure.  Just like any creative industry fonts are property too so make sure wherever you’re accessing them from
You have the correct permission and right of use. This is particularly important when it comes to using font for business and commercial purposes especially in use of a logo or signage that will be seen by many. Any great font site should break down the terms of usage for you some will change a few for a more commercial package but often free fonts for personal projects are available.


Adobe fonts are cleared for both personal and professional use. You do need to have an adobe identity, with this you can access thousands of free fonts. They also have a paid service in the form of a cloud subscription which you can access thousands more styles of fonts. Adobe fonts can be accessed through desktop applications or on the web giving easy access and usage. The Great thing is they work directly with creatives and pay out royalties to typographers who have their fonts accessed by users. So they are supporting the creative industry at the same time. 

Font Bundle

Another amazing website that supports independent creative typographers is Font bundles.  They specialise in sourcing fantastic creatives who offer the best fonts in order to deliver them in a user friendly format. You can also access a whole host of free fonts all you have to do is sign up for an account and you can instantly access the excellent quality free typeface. If you are new to the world of typography this is a great way to learn about using fonts and how they can work for you. I used to write a fanzine and keeping each article and art piece varied is very important to keep readers interested. Using the free font library is really easy and a fantastic alternative to Free design resources.


Letrs is marketed more towards designers who need access to a variety of fonts. In design this is particularly important as it can help set the tone and direction of their work. This is a paid service but for the monthly subscription fee professionals have access to a cloud storage system. Fonts can be stored and accessed from the cloud once Letrs software is downloaded. This is great for designers as it helps keep space available on devices and allows them access to a catalogue of ready to use fonts.


Linotype website is presented as a magazine style format. I personally find the presentation of their website really pleasing but aiming more towards professional magazines and zine formatting. There are a host of promotional offers and this is a paid service with many popular fonts available. 

Font shop 

Somewhat a pioneer of the digital typography industry font shop have been around for some time. The fonts are available across a number of devices including compatibility with apps. They are very popular for a range of fonts and digital management. Font shop offer a range of deals to professionals and are well known in the field of fonts. 

Type trust 

Type trust offers a digital font service based more towards branding of companies. They are popular for working with large well known brands to the likes of converse and universal channels. They work around custom designs including font packages and repair. This is a great option for companies who want to work on their branding using great typography. These guys really know their market and can help create the look you need to represent your vision. 

My fonts 

This online digital font provider offers a selection of free and paid for fonts. When choosing fonts there will be a free version and then a more advance paid for option dependent upon your needs. When selecting the desired font you can also then cater the license to your need such as personal or professional usage and it will adjust accordingly. Having the licence available like this is handy and very important as it’s important to remember these have been designed by a professional. 

Pangram pangram 

Pangram pangram offer access to their font library free for personal use. This allows experimentation with a variety of fonts to create a project. Once the project moves into a more commercial phase it is then that  the licence can be purchased. This makes this a popular option for designers who are starting out or use for personal projects. 

Wild type 

Wild type offers a range of free and paid packages of fonts. They currently have over 150000 downloads available and growing. This company was created by designers for designers which means you get a more creative perspective. The free fonts are excellent quality and the paid are offered at a great affordable rate. This company has a very creative and modern edge on the market. 

Google fonts 

We wouldn’t be able to talk about a digital industry without including google. Google fonts offers a vast library of fonts and in true goggle form this is available in a variety of languages. Making this accessible around the world. Designers are able to leave information about themselves to ensure full credit is given. Google is a great way to access fonts for the first time and learn more about discovering the world of typography. 

Do you work with digital font packages? What are your go to fonts? 


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